A new Indonesian cafe and clothing store will open in Court Square next month

A new business will open next month in Long Island City that will offer Indonesian drinks and clothing. The facility opens at 45-02 23rd St. (Photo by Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

May 18, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

A new business is opening in Long Island City that will merge two concepts: Indonesian drinks and Indonesian-style clothing.

The new establishment, which will be called Dangdut Cafewill open next month at 45-02 23rd St. in the Court Square section of the neighborhood.

The owners are taking over the front part of where The Inkan, a Peruvian restaurant is currently located. The Peruvian restaurant will remain in operation – but will operate in a smaller space at the back of its current location which runs along 45and Street.

Café Dangdut will offer Indonesian style drinks such as Kopi Luwak, also known as civet coffee, according to Dima Fatima, co-owner of the establishment and a native of Indonesia. The establishment will also regularly offer hot and cold coffees such as cappuccinos, americanos and lattes with its beans imported from Indonesia.

Café Dangdut will also offer a range of food items on its menu – all of which will be vegan – including layer cakes and other small bites.

Fatima, known to her friends as Eski, said the company will also offer a range of Indonesian-made garments for sale. The items, she said, are made using a technique known as batik where clothes are decorated using wax and dye.

“I love my country and we think the world needs to know about Indonesian fashion and coffee,” said Fatima, who immigrated to the United States in 2019.

Fatima is a professional fashion designer by trade, and she’s been coming to the Big Apple since 2015 to attend New York Fashion Week.

Co-owners Fitri Carlina (L) and Dima Fatima (R) inside Cafe Dangdut (Photo: Instagram)

Fatima, who lives in Brooklyn, was a stylist for an Indonesian celebrity Fitri Carlina. She partners with Carlina and partnered with Romy Sembiring, also from Indonesia, to open Café Dangdut.

The term Dangdut refers to a genre of Indonesian dance and popular folk music.

Fatima said there were about 12 seats inside and they would place three small tables on the sidewalk along 45and Street.

They also plan to turn an adjacent outdoor parking lot into a market during summer weekends. Fatima said there is room for about six different vendors in the space and they will team up with pop-up market operators. Smorgasburg to host the events.

Café Dangdut will be open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Sunday.

“It will be a unique experience, I can’t wait for people to try our coffee,” Fatima said.

Owners take over the front section of The Inkan (Photo by Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

Co-owners Fitri Carlina (L) and Dima Fatima (R) inside Cafe Dangdut (Photo: Instagram)

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