Alabama Legislature to Unveil New Website

By TODD STACY, Alabama Daily News

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Participants and observers of Alabama’s legislative process will notice something new when the 2022 regular session convenes in January: a brand new website.

State House officials announced today that the new Legislative Assembly website will debut on Monday, January 3, eight days before the scheduled opening of the session. Executives are hosting a live preview and demo of the site on Tuesday, January 4 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 200 of the State House.

Senate Secretary Pat Harris told Alabama Daily News they are inviting lobbyists, government affairs professionals and others who frequently use the legislative website to attend the preview session and learn more. about new features. The demonstration can also be viewed online via live stream from Room 200 at

Screenshot of the new website

The current Legislative Assembly web portal, known as ALISON, has not been significantly updated in over five years, meaning it has not kept pace with news technologies, including smart phones. Navigating the site can be a headache for those who are not used to browsing the different pages to view and follow the legislation. These headaches have only been exasperated in the past two years as the COVID-19 pandemic has limited in-person access to the State House and forced those interested in the legislative process to follow the action in line.

According to a press release from State House officials, the new site is designed to improve navigation to legislative information during the session, as well as general information regarding the Alabama House of Representatives, Alabama Senate , the Legislative Services Agency and the Public Accounts Examiners.

“The new website features quick invoice and website search for easy navigation to invoices and invoice status (history), the ability to create an invoice tracking list, member information, live streaming of in-session and committee meetings and quick access to in-session schedules,” the statement said.

The 2022 regular session will meet on Tuesday, January 11.

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