Amazon launches first physical clothing store

Digital shopping experience
Using Amazon Shopping app, customers can scan an item’s QR code to see sizes, colors, overall customer ratings, and additional product details. In addition to sending an item to the Dressing Room to try on, shoppers can instead send it directly to the pickup counter. Amazon Style will offer more than double the number of styles offered at a traditional store its size, aiming to make its assortment easier to shop by offering display items and bringing more looks and less clutter to purchases at the store.

Amazon Style is all about personalization and “thoughtful curation,” leveraging machine learning algorithms to produce real-time, personalized recommendations that match an item’s budget, fit, and style. a buyer. In addition to scanning items and receiving recommended picks, Amazon Style provides a more personalized experience and polished recommendations to customers who share information such as their style, cut and other preferences. Shoppers can also easily view in-store offers that match their preferences in the Amazon app.

Other unique elements and features of Amazon Style include:

  • Items scanned at Amazon Style are conveniently saved in the Amazon app, making it easy to view and purchase later or easily find other items online from brands discovered in-store.
  • Customers can shop millions of clothing items on, request delivery from Amazon Style, and try on items in a fitting room. If an item is not perfect, customers can return it to the store.
  • In-store prices will be the same as on Additionally, customers can see in-store offers that match their preferences in the Amazon app.

Other innovations that enable the experience include complex new inventory management systems, new technology to support customer service, and Amazon One, its palm recognition service that enables fast and convenient checkout. The first Amazon Style store will open later this year at The Americana at Brand, a popular shopping destination in greater Los Angeles.

Amazon Style employees will be available to provide customer service, deliver items to dressing room closets, stock the store, assist customers at checkout and manage background operations, among other duties.

This isn’t Amazon’s first attempt to create a physical shopping experience inspired by its digital experience. In 2020, Amazon opened a brick-and-mortar format to provide a conventional grocery experience for shoppers. Measuring 35,000 square feet – typical for a supermarket – the Amazon Fresh store is much larger than the convenience-style Amazon Go locations introduced in 2018 or the Amazon Go Grocery offshoot. The retailer has also trialled various physical pop-up store concepts in malls where it markets rotating themed collections, such as Mattel’s Barbie and Marvel in 2019.

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