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As a positive movement for the body, Beyond Body Images has received many positive reviews for the quality of its clothing and inspiring designs. BBI’s online store caters to both women and men. Some of its products include hats, necklaces, tote bags, t-shirts, joggers, polo shirts, dresses and more, all creatively designed to promote body positivity.

“People follow me because I am not a person before a company. I’m reachable and caring and that’s how I reach people the most, ”says Sammy.

Starting an online store was only Sammy’s first step in promoting body positivity. She is currently training to become a certified life coach and mentor. Sammy has revealed that she relishes the opportunity to work directly with people who are eager to learn how to base their self-esteem on what’s on the inside rather than their physical appearance.

“I founded BBI as a brand to believe in. I want to fight every day for the prevention of body shaming. I want to forge links that allow people ready to engage in an uphill battle, that between society’s notions of what is beautiful and our choice to reclaim unbranded beauty! Sammy said.

Beyond Body Images invites more people to embrace its brand and message of positivity. A fundraiser to help people with eating disorders is imminent and Sammy hopes it will be a success.

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