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Olivia Jewell Love and Deb Hurley Brobst

A Borgata birthday party on June 11

One Borgata owner, Pennie Gaudi, wants to celebrate the many different artisans she showcases in her shop and say goodbye after 10 years at the helm of the store.

She is planning a birthday party and farewell party from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 11 in front of her store in the Conifer Safeway Center. It promises artisanal tables, music and fun.

Gaudi opened a Borgata ten years ago in Windy Point before moving west 18 months later. Now, with 237 artisans in her shop – some who have been there since the start – she has given locals a chance to showcase their work.

A Borgata’s wares range from jewelry and photography to home decor, pottery, metalwork, clothing and more.

“There really isn’t one thing that trumps the other,” Gaudi said. “Things come with time.”

Gaudi said that if customers knew her, they probably knew Mia the shop puppy even better. Mia is an 8-year-old shih tzu-butterfly mix who knows no strangers, just like her owner.

Gaudi started a Borgata when she was 50, saying she wanted to try something new after being in the corporate world. A friend told her about someone in California with an artisan gallery, and she decided she could do something similar.

She said her strength in merchandising came in handy as she organized the store and artisans’ wares with a seamless feel from artisan to artisan – showcasing their items to their fullest potential.

“A Borgata means village in Italian, and I like to say that it takes a village to run a store like this,” Gaudi explained. “We’re all in it together.”

Even during the pandemic, she said, “Everyone pulled together. They took care of me and I took care of them.

Gaudi plans to continue to be at the store until she finds new owners and places them. The rest of his time will be spent helping his sister with their latest business, Maggie’s Candy Kitchen in Pueblo.

She hopes everyone will attend the party so she can thank them for their patronage.

Friends for Life: Holistic Pet Training

Friends For Life in Evergreen wants to help owners build stronger relationships with their dogs through non-force training.

Natalie Hawkins, CPDT-KSA, has been training dogs at her business, Friends For Life, for 22 years. She has three other positive reinforcement coaches at her Evergreen facility.

Trainers offer group and private lessons focused on puppy training, behavior modification and problem solving. Hawkins said the coaches never used traditionally painful training methods.

“There is no use of tools that may be painful for the dog or use of methods that may intimidate or frighten him,” she said.

The idea behind the training is positive reinforcement, which keeps the dog actively involved in the training. Trainers work to build confidence, desensitize animals to triggers, and provide obedience education.

Hawkins said one of the most common behaviors she works on with dogs and their owners is leash responsiveness, where dogs get excited and pull on the leash.

Hawkins grew up raising and training horses, and realized after training her own dogs and helping friends that she had a knack for it.

She spent 15 years as a veterinary technician prior to her training and has focused the last 12 years of her training career on non-force training.

If people have questions about their pet’s behaviors or need training information, Hawkins encourages them to contact his company for a consultation.

Buffalo Mountain–Evergreen Apparel

Buffalo Mountain Apparel has just opened a new store in downtown Evergreen.

Over the past two and a half years, Laura Bard and her husband have already had two clothing stores open in Breckenridge, one of the same name and a children’s store called Bluebird Kids Clothing Co.

As for the new store at Evergreen, Bard says the merchandise will be primarily aimed at locals, with a wide selection of products.

“General Colorado gear, shirts, sweatshirts, homewares,” she listed. “Anything you can wear to show your Colorado pride and your Evergreen pride.”

Bard and his family live in Evergreen and are excited to open a store near their home.

The new Evergreen store has quickly found great staff and has seen plenty of locals come to shop so far. Bard said they were ready to prepare for the summer rush.

“I think this summer is going to be pretty busy for tourism,” Bard said.

The store is currently offering 20% ​​off storewide through Memorial Day and plans to increase sales throughout the summer and into the end of the season once she will know more about the store’s customers.

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