Bobalu celebrates its 60th anniversary with year-round CA strawberries, an updated website and more.


The Jones family rang in 2022 to celebrate 60 years of Bobalu Berry Farms and toast its founders, Bob and Lupe Jones. Established in Oxnard, California in 1962, Bobalu is more than a mixture of the names Bob and Lupe; it’s an expression of their love and commitment to growing berries. And it’s a tradition that brothers and managing partners Bobby and RC Jones are proudly continuing in 2022 with an expanded square footage, focus on catering, a refreshed website and more surprises in store.

365 Days of California Strawberries

The new year is the start of California strawberries all year round. “We are very pleased to have fresh berries all 365 days of 2022 from California for the first time,” said Bobalu Managing Partner Bobby Jones. Typically, between the end of Santa Maria’s fall harvest and the start of Oxnard’s spring harvest, Bobalu brought in fresh berries from Mexico to overwinter. This year, in honor of its 60and anniversary, the company expanded its acreage and added a fall Oxnard crop. Combined with Santa Maria’s fall schedule, this means Bobalu will be able to offer fresh fruit from California through 2023. Together with the usual supply from Mexico, there will be plenty of berries for the season. festivals.

Advertising for the 60th anniversary of Bobalu

“We have received excellent feedback from customers and consumers on our quality. We are proud to build on this strong foundation to sustain key customer loyalty throughout the year,” adds RC Jones.

This additional volume will also help grow Bobalu’s catering business in 2022. “This is an exciting next step for us as we build on this important segment of the industry,” Bobby said. And that sparks another exciting first in 2022: the company’s debut as an exhibitor at the IFPA Foodservice conference in Monterey, California.

Online recipes and more

Farm isn’t the only thing growing in 2022: The company’s updated website adds new ways to engage with consumers, including exclusive new recipes, which can be easily pinned, saved and shared on social networks. Bobalu is also expanding its social media presence with more influencer content. Every week, @grocerygettinggirl, famous for helping families prepare hassle-free meals on a budget, will share Bobalu-inspired recipes with her followers on her Instagram and blog. The focus will be on “easy” meal tips, as consumers look to spend less time in the kitchen preparing meals in 2022, and more time enjoying them with the people they love.

Giving back to the Oxnard community

The milestone Bobby and RJ are most looking forward to in 2022 is the opportunity to give back. “We want to commemorate this anniversary by giving back to our community that has supported our family business for so many years,” says Bobby.

Advertising for the 60th anniversary of Bobalu

With that in mind, the brothers created the Bobalu Berry Farms Scholarship Program. Scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors who are the first in their families to attend university, demonstrate a record of academic achievement, and need additional financial support. The company is working with the Oxnard High School Union District to launch scholarships for each of Ventura County’s seven major high schools. “We are thrilled to support these students as they take this next important step in their further education,” said RJ.

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