Buyer Beware: Fake Customs Clearance Website Offering Cheap Shimano Parts Is A Scam

Have you ever felt like something is too good to be true? Well, usually that something is, in fact, too good to be true.

That’s exactly what Shimano said about a website that appears to be selling Shimano components for up to 65% off the Suggested Retail Price (RRP). The Shimano clearance website primarily focuses on fishing gear with pages for reels, rods, clothing, bait, storage, and tools, but also has a ‘bike components’ tab with a drop-down menu. offering “mountain bike pedals” and “road bike pedals”. In these pages, the website lists a comprehensive list of Shimano pedals with genuine photos, exact names and descriptions, but the prices are just too good to be true.

The site, which we will not link to, is located in the Shimano Dash Clearance Dot store on an Internet portal near you.

Dura-Ace R9100 pedals for $ 99.98? Why don’t I just price the pedals at $ 91.00 and pull both of my legs. Fancy legendary XTR pedals for their mud-clearing ability for just $ 92.99? Well, be forewarned, only bank accounts are cleared here.

In a statement on, unearthed by our friends at Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, the Japanese cycling and fishing equipment giant warned customers that a “fake website was masquerading as Shimano.” Emphasizing the attention to detail and the apparent authenticity of the website, the statement continued, “The website uses the Shimano logo, product images and other content without our permission.”

Offering free shipping on orders over $ 40 and featuring a countdown timer to make this unique offer even more must-have, the website has many features of a real website. Additionally, the “about us” page features a heartwarming and welcoming photo of ten people smiling somewhat awkwardly at a camera placed directly above them. But make no mistake about it.

The first warning sign that something is wrong is in the opening paragraph. “We use the latest tools and technologies to make it as easy as possible for our customers to buy everything they need to grow their business. How many businesses depend on Dura-Ace pedals to “get their business going”? It follows some BS on Shimano-clearance’s “culture of transparency, collaboration and innovation”, its “rapid growth” and its award-winning pedigree. Funny, considering probably very few people had even heard of this awesome website with such amazing deals on Shimano components until the real Shimano released this statement. If anyone finds the real website that they pulled this terrible corporate masterpiece from, let us know in the comments.

Back to the pedals page, other alarm bells are ringing. The prices are ridiculously low, even in a world where online retailers routinely offer 18, 25, or even 33% off current Shimano products, but more alarmingly, this “customer obsessed” company has no business. room for the PD-M520, the world’s most reliable pedal. For a company that claims to be “a team of great people who win and lose together (we’d rather win!)”, This is clearly a loss.

If you need more, the last clue is the empty social media links at the bottom left of the page. Click on one of the Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest or YouTube links to go directly to the home page of these sites. Either this award-winning company is growing so fast they didn’t have time to create social channels, or Shimano (the real Shimano reel maker) is right, and this is a fake website, scamming people with their money. I’d bet my last genuine, new and unopened Dura-Ace chain and a pair of used Ultegra pedals, it’s the latter.

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