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The new store allows online shoppers to get the best products and offers at incredible prices

Baby products and accessories require serious care. The baby products industry is growing in the United States and it has become paramount for serious quality control and verification of the status of products and brands that have saturated the industry. In the search for good baby products, parents have to sort through an almost endless list of products and brands. This process is nerve-wracking, time-consuming, and downright stressful. was launched as a solution to help parents find baby products for their children. The store aims to be a one stop shop for trusted baby products and accessories at guaranteed low prices, backed by customer service. At, online shoppers will find a huge selection of quality items, authentic brands, and the convenience of home delivery. What is even interesting is that the store offers new customers an introductory offer.

“At, we are customer-focused,” a company spokesperson explained. “From day one, our team continues to bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special for you. All of our products are developed with total dedication to quality, durability and functionality. made on a mission to not only offer the best products and great deals, but also to provide the most amazing customer service possible.

At, online shoppers will find products and items in a wide range of categories, including:

● Activity and entertainment

● Clothing and accessories

● Toys for babies and toddlers

● Baby care

● Car and travel accessories

● Food

● Gifts

● Children’s room and bath

● Outdoors and camping

For more satisfaction, offers a curated selection of exclusive products at unbeatable prices. The store also helps online shoppers find the best and latest products added to the store through its new arrivals and best-selling categories.

For added convenience, offers free shipping on all purchases to any part of the United States. Customers can place and receive orders anywhere in the United States without having to pay shipping costs. The store also provides secure payment gateways to ensure customer information is safe at all times. MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, Maestro and Discover are some of the secure payment channels accepted on

To check out the store and buy quality and affordable products, please visit

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Anime Stock Store maintains its website and newly launched products constantly Mon, 16 May 2022 21:32:06 +0000

The stock store is specially designed for all anime and manga lovers with premium products.

Apart from operating for many years, Anime Sock has broadened its horizons and entered the digital world by introducing its website. The company is only established for anime and manga lovers who have endless love for their favorite series or anime. Thanks to the large sales volume, the business is flourishing, leaving customers and anime fans amazed at the unique designs and quality of its products. The company prides itself on building strong relationships with its customers by ensuring that every product it offers on its website cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The company strives to put an end to boring clothes for anime fans and hence it has introduced top quality products with its website.

The intriguing designs and vibrant colors are sure to grab everyone’s attention instantly. The company offers a wide variety of high-quality products, including Dragon Ball socks, Attan on Titan socks, Akatsuki socks, and Demon Slayer socks. Haikyuu socks, One piece socks, Pokeman socks, My Hero Academia socks, etc. The company has built a strong customer base through selling high quality and uniquely styled products to its customers. The website is uniquely designed and contains all relevant product information with detailed descriptions for customers.

“We have a variety of styles and designs for you to choose from on our site. Because our staff is made up of world-class designers, you don’t have to worry about the quality or distinctiveness of our items. We’ve made sure to provide something for every occasion.Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, you can rest assured that we’re the right brand for you.You don’t just get great prints, you benefit also great customer service and high quality workmanship every time. says the founder of Anime Sock.

Since the company offers a wide selection of Anime Socks items and has now launched its website, fans can purchase all desired items from one place with just one click. The company’s new website has made it easier and easier for customers to purchase their favorite items without going to the store. A team of professionals manage the website to ensure that it is updated regularly with all information regarding newly launched products. Dragon Ball and Demon Slayer socks designed exclusively by the company are available in different colors and designs for customers of different sizes. Additionally, customers have the ability to track their orders to know when to expect delivery.

The website contains all product information and customers can always check prices and reviews of other buyers before making purchases. Moreover, customers can also enjoy discounts and offers while shopping on the website.

For more product and website information, click on the link

About the company:

Anime Sock offers customers a wide variety of high quality products listed on the newly launched website with product descriptions and price tags.

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Reviews of “Premium Jane CBD Gummies” [Website Scam 2022]: “Premium Jane CBD Gummies Shark Tank” – Fact Check? Employment – 10th Security Forces Squadron – USAF Sun, 15 May 2022 07:04:42 +0000 > Click here to …]]>

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Premium Jane CBD Gummies are a full spectrum CBD supplement extracted from 100% pure CBD oil. The oil comes from the organic hemp plant, grown without herbicides or pesticides.

CBD gummies will not cause any harmful side effects as the ingredients are all natural and CBD has been proven to relieve body pain. Other than that, the CBD gummies have been manufactured under strict sterile conditions to ensure that the supplement is of high quality.

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How do Premium Jane CBD gummies work?

The first thing you need to know is that your body’s endocannabinoid system ensures that it works properly. It regulates sleep, pain, cognitive functions and eating. Its receptors bind well to CBD oil, which is why Premium Jane CBD Gummies can help eliminate stress, anxiety, pain, and more.

The pure, organic CBD oil in this supplement regulates your ECS, allowing it to treat various bodily conditions. It works so well because it can be easily absorbed into your bloodstream to help trigger positive stress and an inflammatory response.

Ingredients Involved in Premium Jane CBD Gummies

Premium Jane CBD Gummies are the most powerful gummies that contain organic and herbal ingredients and contain no chemicals, making them safe and effective for your use. All the ingredients are mentioned on the back of its bottle and you must read them once some of the main ingredients are Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Hemp Plant Extract, Lavender Oil and other effective ingredients. You will only get benefits with the use of this formula and you must try them once without any hesitation.

Benefits of Premium Jane CBD Gummies

You will get many benefits with the use of Premium Jane CBD Gummies as it is a naturally designed chemical free product suitable for everyone and some of the benefits are mentioned below:-

  • It boosts your metabolism, digestion and immune power
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  • Formed using herbal and natural ingredients
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The inconvenients:

  • Excess consumption is harmful to health
  • Nursing women and pregnant women should avoid it
  • Those under 18 should not use it
  • The stock is limited compared to the demand
  • Not found on the local market
  • Never consume the expired product
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Harmful side effects

No, you will not have any side effects with the use of Premium Jane CBD Gummies as this formula is chemical free and contains only herbal and natural ingredients through which your physical and mental health will improve. It is harmful if you consume an excessive dose of it and this formula only gives you benefits, you must consult your doctor once before you start using this formula.

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Top Russian website briefly publishes material critical of Kremlin amid crackdown and war Mon, 09 May 2022 12:51:04 +0000

PRAGUE — Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya, an exiled democratic opposition leader in Belarus, says her country’s fate is tied to the outcome of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“We understand our responsibility in the context of the war in Ukraine,” Tsikhanouskaya told RFE/RL in an interview at its headquarters in Prague on May 11.

“We understand that we have to fight for Ukraine now to fight for Belarus later,” she said. “We understand that without a free Ukraine there can be no free Belarus.”

Tsikhanouskaya, 39, was a last-minute presidential candidate, replacing her husband, Syarhey Tsikhanouski, whose own presidential bid was derailed by his arrest and jailing on charges that supporters say were fabricated pieces to ward off the popular August vlogger. ballot 2020.

Fearing for her safety and that of her family, the former English teacher turned politician left Belarus the day after the vote, which resulted in a sixth presidential term for authoritarian leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka, and has led the Belarusian opposition ever since. his exile in Lithuania. .

Following massive protests against the vote, which the opposition says were rigged, Lukashenka launched a harsh and often violent crackdown, jailing tens of thousands of protesters, most of his political opponents, and muzzling the media independent.

In reaction to the situation, the European Union, the United States, Canada and other countries refused to recognize Lukashenko as the legitimate leader of Belarus and imposed sanctions on him and several senior Belarusian officials.

Belarusian strongman Alyaksandr Lukashenka (file photo)

Isolated and financially weakened, Lukashenko turned to longtime ally Russia for support, and his since responded in kind by allowing Moscow to launch attacks against Ukraine and provide forces from Belarusian territory.

Tsikhanouskaya said Belarusian citizens, unlike the country’s leaders, are “doing what they can” to support their neighbour.

“By helping Ukraine, we are also helping ourselves. Because when Ukraine wins, it will mean that the Kremlin is weak and, therefore, Lukashenka is weak. This will open a new window of opportunity for the Belarusians, for protests and strikes,” she said.

In response to questions from the Belarusian service of RFE/RL and Current Time, the Russian-language channel run by RFE/RL in cooperation with VOA, about what will happen after the fighting ends, Tsikhanouskaya replied that “once that Ukraine will win this war, the rest will be up to the Belarusians.”

“How can we make the most of the moment? How can we weaken [Lukashenka’s] diet? All our work is aimed, on the one hand, at weakening the regime and, on the other hand, at empowering the people of Belarus,” she said.

Live briefing: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

RFE/RL Live briefing gives you all the major developments on the invasion of Russia, how kyiv is fighting back, the plight of civilians and the Western reaction. For all of RFE/RL’s coverage of the war, click here.

Tsikhanouskaya said his movement has started the process of opening a representative office in Kyiv so that he can be in closer contact with Ukrainian officials and the Belarusian diaspora in Ukraine.

Despite the war in Ukraine, the Belarusian opposition has been bolstered by “100% support from western democratic countries”, Tsikhanouskaya said.

“They support our movement and our efforts to change our country,” Tsikhanouskaya said. “And we have been assured that there will be no negotiations behind the backs of Belarusians. Lukashenka is illegitimate and no one will recognize him until our conditions are met – the release of political prisoners and an end to repressions. “

Much of Tsikhanouskaya’s efforts since Russia’s Feb. 24 attack on Ukraine has been to remind Western countries that the Lukashenko government should not be seen as representative of the Belarusian people.

“When the war broke out and Belarus became an aggressor in the eyes of other countries, [Western governments] were forced to act decisively,” she said. “We have made it clear over time that the Belarusian regime is an aggressor, not the people. [of Belarus]… Every visit, every meeting, every phone call we make is aimed at making it clear that Belarusians shouldn’t have to pay for Lukashenka’s mistakes.”

“We always say that the sanctions against the Belarusian regime must be as strong as those against Russia, but they must be structured differently,” Tsikhanouskaya explained, saying that the sanctions against Belarus should target state companies and banks and that small businesses and private companies should be protected. as much as possible.

She also called on Western countries to extend visas to ordinary Belarusians, especially students, and find ways to support independent Belarusian media.

“We have also approached tech companies like Facebook and Microsoft to wage a tougher fight against [state] propaganda and to help Belarusian journalists and our people,” she said.

According to the Belarusian Independent Association of Journalists, two dozen journalists are currently detained in Belarus, including Syarhey Tsikhanouski, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison in December 2021.

“People are looking up to the sky and asking, ‘Why do we have to go through this?'” she said.

“In the case of Belarusians, it is for our silence, for our apolitical position, for not taking responsibility for our country. We felt satisfied in our small circles of family and friends. collective responsibility.”

Levi’s adds more sizing features to its website as part of the DTC sales promotion Wed, 04 May 2022 04:07:30 +0000 Denim brand Levi Strauss and Co. is adding more digital tools to help customers find the right size jeans, as part of its mandate to increase direct-to-consumer sales.

On Tuesday, the company announced two new digital fit features on its site: a predictive fit algorithm and a bank of product photos on people of different body types. The features are currently in a pilot phase, but will launch more widely on desktops in six European countries and on the US mobile app in June this year.

Levi’s has made growing its direct-to-consumer business a priority area over the past few years, with CEO Chip Bergh telling CNBC that “we’re going to be led by DTC going forward” in April last year. . Bergh added that he hopes DTC sales will account for 60% of revenue in 2021, although the segment eventually edged closer to 40% of revenue. But with more direct-to-consumer sales, brands – especially apparel ones – will have to spend more money processing returns. As a result, brands like Levi’s and Nike have invested more in digital sizing tools in recent years.

Lara Lasisz, head of direct-to-consumer innovation at Levi Strauss & Co, told Modern Retail that Levi’s recognizes that fit can vary across styles and that shopping online can be difficult for consumers. “Consumers are looking to retailers to solve this hurdle,” Lasisz said.

In response, Levi’s invested in a predictive algorithm called “What’s My Size”, where shoppers enter their weight, height and gender and receive a size prediction. “The algorithm will recommend the best size to select based on knowledge of Levi’s sizing charts as well as an understanding of consumer body measurements,” Lasisz said.

Along with this functionality, the company also deploys a more elaborate tool: “See It In My Size”. After clicking the View in my size button on certain product pages, shoppers receive more photos highlighting how items look on someone with a more similar image. Cut, height, body shape and skin tone.

“Inclusiveness and representation are key to building deep connections with today’s consumers,” Lasisz said. “When our fans shop online, they want to see a reflection of themselves and someone who has a similar body type.”

To get the large amounts of photos needed for the feature, the brand tapped into both its workforce of more than 3,100 stores and boutiques globally, as well as its base of micro-influencers.

Employees were asked to submit a photo in Levi’s clothing for a voucher and – at select retail stores – could participate in an in-store photo shoot. “As soon as we sent the email to our team requesting participation, we covered almost every size within an hour,” Lasisz said.

The brand has also worked with customization company Reflektme to bring micro influences to select stores for additional shots. “By working with micro-influencers and our own employee base, we were able to capture a diverse range of sizes, heights, body types and skin tones,” Lasisz said.

The feature can also help the retailer with online returns issues. In a feature launch blog post, Levi’s pointed out that 40% of online returns are due to sizing and fit issues.

Erin Schmidt, senior analyst at Coresight Research, said: “Because sizes vary from retailer to retailer, many consumers often order multiple sizes and return the mismatched sizes, which is a cost to retailers. and a burden on consumers.

Schmidt added that these fit issues could be particularly prominent in the denim category. “There are a lot of consumer decisions, including size, length, flare, pocket width, amount of stretch, and color,” Schmidt said.

Levi’s isn’t the only brand adopting fit tools to grow its DTC channel. In 2019, Nike unveiled Nike Fit, a computer vision and machine learning tool to help consumers measure their feet through a smartphone camera for better sizing. At the time, Nike’s global head of digital products, Michael Martin, said the sneaker giant hoped Nike Fit would fix a number of issues. Specifically, it would help Nike reduce returns and get a better idea of ​​what sizes it should wear for specific styles.

Like Levi’s, Nike’s investment in fit technology coincides with an increased focus on its direct-to-consumer business. During Nike’s third fiscal quarter results presentation in March, the retailer revealed that Nike Direct sales were up 17% year-over-year, accounting for 42% of total Nike sales.

Other retailers, meanwhile, are partnering with tech startups to address sizing issues. Big box retailer Walmart announced a partnership with virtual dressing room technology platform Zeekit in March and eventually acquired the startup in May. Similar to Levi’s, Walmart will offer a larger bank of more inclusive designs to help visualize how clothes might look on them.

Lasisz said there was “no one-size-fits-all solution to the entire online scaling challenge,” but said the company is considering several ways to help customers scale online.

“We also learned from previous tests that while some digital renders can help, sometimes it’s much more effective and appreciated to show real people wearing real clothes,” Lasisz said. “Right now, we’re testing What’s My Size and See It In My Size to see what will resonate with our fans as we continue to test new technologies.”

Cane Creek Warns Customers About Fraudulent Website – Business Mon, 02 May 2022 18:52:58 +0000

Cane Creek has been made aware of a fraudulent website selling discounted products, the brand said on social media.

The brand has no affiliation with the website, he added, and it is not an authorized reseller. Cane Creek advises against anyone trying to buy anything there.

Cane Creek’s official websites are and, and it has no affiliation with any other URL or website, it said. The brand also put a notice on to warn customers about the fraudulent site.

“Well folks, we are always disgusted when people/companies try to scam or take advantage of others,” the Facebook post said. “We were informed earlier this week through a trusted partner that there is a fake website called

“We have no affiliation with this website, they are not an authorized reseller, and we do not recommend anyone attempt to purchase anything from this website.

“Please note that our official websites are and, and we have no affiliation with any other URL or website.

“As always – Cane Creek wants to support riders to the best of our abilities, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!”

Read more: Pedal Revolution now under new ownership with Kate Warner leading the new team

Cane Creek is a cycling company and claims to know the difference cycling makes in the lives of its customers. “We know that every time someone chooses a Cane Creek product, they are choosing to trust us with something that makes their life better,” its website said.

“We will honor that trust by ensuring that every product we bring to market – from a simple bearing to a four-way adjustable damper – is the best it can be.”

Lily BikeBiz’s recent interview with Cane Creek brand manager Sam Anderson here.

]]> Melbourne-based clothing brand MAAP launches new UK website – Business Mon, 02 May 2022 15:40:22 +0000

MAAP has launched a new website dedicated solely to the UK market, supported by a new local distribution warehouse.

The Melbourne-based clothing brand’s products will now be available to purchase in sterling directly from MAAP for the first time.

Marking its continued expansion and recognition of the UK as a key market, the new warehouse is MAAP’s first physical presence in the country. Serving the UK and Ireland, the UK warehouse will offer a more sustainable logistics solution than fulfilling orders from MAAP’s other European warehouses. It will also save UK customers extra customs charges and offer free returns.

Mitch Wells, Vice President of Operations at MAAP, said: “There has always been a large community of MAAP cyclists in the UK, so for us to be able to leverage that strong presence through the new store and the warehouse is very exciting.

“Not only will they allow us to provide a better customer experience, but they will also help us continue our journey towards maximum sustainability.”

The entire MAAP range will be available on the new online store, including the recently launched Transit collection, a sustainable range of unisex clothing designed for the daily commute.

The four-way stretch provides a full range of motion with no adjustments needed, MAAP said, while reflective details provide extra visibility for city riding.

Lightweight, waterproof, windproof and DWR fabrications provide the “ultimate” warmth-to-weight ratio when the weather turns, while the Roam Jacket’s new Cohaesive hood adjustment system keeps rain at bay while maintaining visibility by pressing a button or two.

Read more: TfL data shows an increase in the proportion of journeys on foot and by bike during the pandemic

MAAP also recently launched the new Pro Bib 2.0, its “most technologically advanced bib shorts to date”. Made with a lightweight 3D aerostructured finish to provide a firm compression fit, the Pro Bib 2.0 is constructed with reshaped ergonomic panels, contoured to move and flow with a moving body.

SriLankan Holidays launches state-of-the-art website – The Island Sun, 01 May 2022 08:26:15 +0000

For fashion, ‘look, touch and feel’ is everything. So it may seem counterintuitive that the world’s biggest brands will soon be able to create outfits and accessories that will partially or completely exist in a virtual space. But even though it may sound like science fiction, fashion brands are betting big on the metaverse.

Morgan Stanley predicts that virtual fashion could represent a US$50 billion opportunity by 2030, adding up to 25% to total industry revenue. For context, this is about 10 times the value of Sri Lanka’s record export earnings from garment exports for 2021.

And it’s not just speculation that drives growth. Brands like Dolce and Gabbana have already made US$5.7 million from the sale of just nine non-fungible token (NFT) pieces, while Valentine’s Day 2022 brought the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week show on the popular Second Life online game.

While enthusiasm for virtual fashion is at an all-time high, details about how the metaverse actually works and its implications for regions like South Asia and countries like Sri Lanka, where clothes represent more of 40% of national exports, remain unclear. .

Discover the value
behind the hype

A simple way to understand the metaverse would be as a future iteration of the internet, consisting of persistent, shared and linked 3D virtual spaces across a fully digital universe. Those who are immersed in such universes will communicate, pass and have fun through their virtual avatars.

So far, there are two possible paths for fashion brands to profit from the metaverse. The most direct option: producing virtual clothing for digital avatars – the first sales of NFT fashion were aimed at this market. In some cases items only exist in the metaverse, in others the item will have an In Real Life (IRL) counterpart, in addition to existing virtually.

The second: advertising designs through the metaverse equivalent of a point of sale. Through fashion shows like Decentraland’s Virtual Fashion Week, dozens of top global brands and thousands of visitors were able to virtually attend fashion shows and live music sessions at after-parties. branding and buying and wearing digital clothes directly from catwalk avatars. Some of the fashion items will even include a physical copy of the item in the sale of their NFT fashion pieces.

While the metaverse is still in its infancy, Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) Secretary General Yohan Lawrence believes it could have the potential to shape the next decade of fashion in a way that is just as disruptive as which we have already seen with the rise of e-commerce and omnichannel retail to date.

“Where enterprise resource planning systems, digital payments and Web 2.0 have played a central role in the success of fashion brands over the past decade, Web 3, 5G and the Internet of objects, virtual and augmented reality, and of course NFTs and blockchain technology could lead to entirely new business models in fashion. Build on the progress we’ve made so far, while aligning for what’s to come?”

Weaving parallel skills

From humble beginnings as cut-and-sew or made-to-order products in the early 1980s, Sri Lankan garments have gradually moved into production in high-value, high-complexity niches of the global supply chain of clothes. Leading this ongoing transition are local multinationals such as MAS, Brandix, Norlanka and Hirdaramani.

“Science and technology have been instrumental in enabling faster production of more complex products such as our ‘Second Skin’ range of underwear and sports leisure, and more recently in women’s technology and recovery wear. “, says the Director of Technology Commercialization of MAS. Gihan Philippe. “A considerable amount of research and development has gone into creating these products. However, with our more recent investments in digitization, we are expanding our ability to design and prototype new lines entirely virtually. Designing fashion for the metaverse could be a logical extension of those abilities.

He noted that while many of these 3D visualization technologies have been available for some time, especially post-pandemic, both brands and manufacturers are more open to virtual collaborative design. Meanwhile, the technology itself is improving exponentially.

“There have been significant advances in materials scanning, imaging and simulation. This means we are able to capture much more detail on how different fabrics would look and how they would drape over a person. Along with platform enhancements that enable virtual collaboration, we are able to generate authentic digital twins for our designs and make changes on the fly.

Star Garments (Operations Director), Jeevith Senaratne explains, “Instead of frequent physical photoshoots, we can simply scan a model and combine those scans with garment designs to showcase them entirely virtually. We are also able to leverage social media to test consumer responses to particular designs and modify production lines based on their response. This eliminates a lot of cost and reduces the time it takes to go from design to production, which is extremely valuable. All of these capabilities take on new meaning in the context of the significant investments made by brands in the metaverse.

Virtual design was also a game-changer for Hirdaramani. Through investments in the latest 3D-Fit software systems including: CLO, Browzwear and Tuka Tech, the company has been able to significantly reduce costs and improve delivery times.

CEO/Director of Hirdaramani Industries Sri Lanka, Theodore Gunasekara says, “We have significantly increased our 3D sampling capabilities and capabilities, especially after the pandemic. Today we are able to simulate complex effects such as washing and lasering on denim. This allowed us to convert the majority of our prototype samples, pre-production samples and adjusted samples to digital. Given the severe limitations faced globally during the pandemic, these systems have helped us to shorten development times and keep production lines running despite logistical bottlenecks. They also help us advance our sustainability goals as they further reduce resource consumption. »

Filling the gaps virtually and IRL

Similar advanced capabilities have been established at Brandix. A global wearable innovation company with end-to-end capabilities in the design, technology incubation, and digital and vertical manufacturing of “smart wearables”, it has been at the heart of Brandix’s efforts to enable rapid prototyping to to proof of concept.

Among its many innovations likely to cross paths with the Metaverse are its advanced designs for motion sensing and haptic actuator integration. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Sensemove line is able to intelligently measure the frame of an individual’s physique, to help guide athletes’ technique.

“As the metaverse begins to grow, we believe that technologies like this have the potential to integrate with these virtual worlds, to create new applications in sport and fitness,” says the non-executive director. of Brandix Hasib Omar, “When we particularly think about how quickly we have seen e-commerce and social media become a central part of our daily lives, we see immense potential for highly specialized garments that fuse fashion with technology.

Another emerging player in Sri Lanka that could offer a glimpse of the shape of things to come for Sri Lankan clothing is Norlanka. Although engaged in the same lines of business, from design to delivery, the company has one crucial difference from larger, more established companies on the island: its asset-light business model. Although the company has a few manufacturing facilities, most of its capacity is purchased from its SME partners in the apparel industry. Using similar visualization systems, the company flexibly orchestrates production in Sri Lanka’s dynamic SME garment manufacturing sector.

Norlanka ventured into the 3D space in 2019 and is currently developing fully digital products with some of its customers. With a dedicated research and development team, the company continuously explores new opportunities to increase efficiency, while adding value for its customers and partners, thereby improving sustainability across the industry.

“One of the next big projects we’re working on is digital sampling,” says Norlanka Chief Innovation Officer Buddhi Paranamana. “In an asset-light model like ours, we need to be able to clearly present every facet of a given line to our partners and buyers. Our expertise in advanced digital design and sampling means we can easily scale to producing pure digital or hybrid designs for the Metaverse, which can also be manufactured at commercial scale for IRL retail. These digital designs can also be used as NFTs in the ever-expanding creative spaces of the Metaverse.

However, as revolutionary as this new technological paradigm might be for the fashion industry over the next decade, today’s most visible metaverse games are still made by high-profile brands. By releasing limited designs and leveraging their brand strength and novelty of NFT support, these brands are capturing the most initial value. For clothing manufacturers to participate in this action, they will first have to create their own brands and designers.

JCPenney Website Fake Discount Arbitrage Investigation Fri, 29 Apr 2022 20:03:01 +0000

1. I understand and agree that these terms will come into force ONLY if Hattis Law PLLC d/b/a Hattis & Lukacs, (“LAWYERS”) notify me by email that they have accepted this application and therefore that I was chosen to be a client.

2. If I am selected to be a client, the ATTORNEYS will represent me for the sole purpose of investigating and, if appropriate, in the opinion of the ATTORNEYS, filing arbitration against Penney OpCo LLC d/b/a JCPenney ( “JCPenney”) before the American Arbitration Association (the “AAA”) to pursue my claims in arbitration regarding my being a victim of JCPenney’s bogus discount advertising scheme.

3. I understand that if I am selected as a client, the AAA may refuse or be unable to arbitrate. For example, JCPenney may decline to participate in or pay any fees required for arbitration. I agree that if the AAA refuses or is unable to hold arbitration, ATTORNEYS may immediately terminate the attorney-client relationship and no longer represent me in any capacity.

4. If I am selected to be a client and a difference of opinion arises between me and the LAWYERS on a material matter, the LAWYERS shall have the right to withdraw as my counsel of record, and I shall have the right to discharge the LAWYERS as my individual counsel. I also acknowledge that ATTORNEYS have the right to discontinue representing me at any time if, in their professional judgment and consistent with their ethical responsibilities, they come to believe that my potential claims are unlikely to result in recovery.

5. If I am selected to be a client, I agree that ATTORNEYS may represent, and I consent to ATTORNEYS representing, multiple clients with similar or identical claims against JCPenney.

6. ATTORNEYS intend to represent numerous clients with similar or identical claims against JCPenney. At this time, the LAWYERS are not aware of any conflict of interest that would negatively impact the representation that the LAWYERS make to you. However, conflicts may arise in the future, including: JCPenney offers a global or “lump sum” settlement to all ATTORNEYS customers that does not specify the amount each customer will receive; or JCPenney offers to settle, but only if some percentage, if not all, of the LAWYERS’ clients agree to the proposed settlement. ATTORNEYS may also be required by applicable rules of professional conduct to share important information about your claims and bargaining position with other ATTORNEYS’ clients with similar claims. Although ATTORNEYS try to avoid these problems if it is practical to do so, they can occur. If you are chosen as a client and a conflict of interest concerning you arises, AVOCATS will promptly inform you and work with you on the best way to proceed in accordance with the applicable ethical rules.

7. If I am chosen to be a customer and my case is resolved by settlement with JCPenney BEFORE arbitration with the AAA has begun (i.e. before all AAA filing fees have been paid by JCPenney and before my case arbitrator was appointed), then I agree that ATTORNEYS shall be entitled to a $750 block attorney’s fee on any recovery from JCPenney in payment for preparing my claim, making a request to JCPenney and negotiating a resolution. In this case, any amount over $750 recovered from JCPenney will belong to me. I agree that $750 represents reasonable attorneys’ fees for the settlement of my claims prior to the commencement of arbitration and reflects the time, effort, expense and skill that ATTORNEYS will devote to my case up to that time. -the. I understand that the remuneration of LAWYERS is not fixed by law but is negotiable between the lawyer and the client. (Certain state laws require us to disclose our regular hourly rates; these rates, which you will not be charged, range from $200 for junior paralegals to $800 for senior associates.)

8. If I am selected as a client and my case is resolved AFTER arbitration with the AAA has begun (i.e. after all AAA filing fees have been paid and after arbitrator has been appointed), I authorize ATTORNEYS to seek from the arbitrator for, or to obtain directly from JCPenney, attorneys’ fees and expenses separate and distinct from any payment I receive for my claims. In the event that JCPenney offers and I agree to a settlement of my claims that does not include separate payment to the ATTORNEYS for their reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses, I agree that the ATTORNEYS are entitled to compensation for their services of an amount of one-third (33-1/3%) of my monetary recovery under this settlement. I understand that the remuneration of LAWYERS is not fixed by law but is negotiable between the lawyer and the client.

9. If I am selected as a client, I authorize ATTORNEYS to partner with other attorneys to assist me with my potential claims at no additional cost to me.

10. If I am chosen to be a client, I will provide to the ATTORNEYS in a timely manner any information or document reasonably requested by the ATTORNEYS and, if necessary, to provide evidence in the arbitration. If I do not respond in a timely manner to ATTORNEYS’ requests, including for purposes of a possible settlement, I understand that ATTORNEYS may immediately terminate the attorney-client relationship such that ATTORNEYS would no longer represent me in any capacity. whether it be.

11. If I am chosen as a client, I authorize LES AVOCATS to submit to JCPenney a “Notice of Dispute” document with my digital signature indicating: that I have retained the services of AVOCATS to represent me in connection with my claims ; information necessary to notify JCPenney of my complaints, including my account number, service address and relevant contact details; and that I authorize JCPenney to provide ATTORNEYS with my confidential account records as necessary to resolve my claims.

12. I acknowledge that ATTORNEYS have not and will not provide any warranty as to the outcome of my claims.

13. I authorize ATTORNEYS to send me text messages related to this case at the phone number or numbers that I have provided in this application to be a client. I declare that I am the subscriber of these numbers and that I have the authority to give such consent. (You are not required to provide this authorization in order for us to represent you. If you do not wish us to communicate with you via text message, please let us know by emailing stating that you do not wish to receive text messages.)

Netflix fires staff from ‘Tudum’ fan website – Reuters Thu, 28 Apr 2022 21:01:21 +0000

Erik Gruenwedel

Netflix has started to downsize its fan website Tudum, which launched last September with ancillary articles about the streamer’s original series and movies. The site had hired entertainment reporters from Condé Nast and Time, among other publishing companies.

Netflix, in a press release, said Tudum (which refers to the streamer’s signature opening sound) remains a company priority, while making no official comment on the staff cuts. After a disappointing first quarter result that saw the streamer lose 200,000 subscribers and $53 billion in market valuation, the company is reacting internally.

Either way, some fired staff have aired their sentiment on social media.

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