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On October 28, 2020, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) launched the CBP One ™ mobile app on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

CBP One ™ is a mobile application that serves as a single portal to a variety of CBP services. Through a series of guided questions, the application will direct each type of user to the appropriate services according to their needs.

As part of CBP’s overall effort to improve our country’s border security while enhancing legitimate travel and commerce, CBP One ™ will provide increased accessibility and transparency to some of CBP’s most widely used services.

Currently, CBP One ™ allows travelers to request an inspection of organic and agricultural products upon arrival by air in the United States, brokers / carriers / freight forwarders to make an appointment for inspection of perishable goods, travelers from request and consult their I-94s and authorization-based usage for international organizations (IOs) to verify the status of individuals in CBP programs. Additional services will be rolled out over the next year. Eventually, aircraft operators, bus operators, seaplane pilots, commercial truck drivers and commercial vessel operators will be able to use CBP One ™.

The CBP One ™ Privacy Impact Assessment is available at: www.dhs.gov/publication/dhscbppia-068-cbp-one-mobile-application.

Overview of CBP One ™ features

CBP One ™ has started rolling out its functionality, starting with an inspection appointment request functionality for brokers / carriers / freight forwarders and I-94 entry for travelers. The Inspection Appointment Request feature allows brokers / carriers / freight forwarders to request an inspection hour for perishable goods entering the United States. Each request is assigned to a CBP agricultural specialist who oversees the allocation of inspection hours and communicates with the requester via an interactive chat feature if needed. In its latest update, the Inspection Appointment Request feature now allows travelers to request an inspection of organic and agricultural products upon arrival by air in the United States.

The I-94 entry feature allows travelers to request a temporary I-94 before arriving at a land border crossing. Travelers who request their I-94 in advance will benefit from faster processing times to expedite entry. Travelers can also quickly access their current I-94 submission to view critical information such as how long they can stay in the United States, and use it to prove their visitor status once in the United States.

The International Organization function is limited to organizations identified by the Department of State as authorized users of CBP One to verify the status of individuals who are currently in Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP). The MPP is an action of the United States government whereby certain foreign persons, without proper documentation, entering or seeking admission to the United States from Mexico are returned to Mexico to wait outside the United States for the duration of their stay. immigration procedure. In January 2021, the United States suspended new registrations for the MPP process. In February 2021, MPP registrants with ongoing cases began being treated at ports of entry to await their hearing in the United States. To ensure safety and operational success, the United States government has partnered with some international organizations to help verify MPP registration through CBP One before arriving at the United States port of entry.

The notification of your arrival for small pleasure craft is available via the CBP ROAM ™ application. However, at the beginning of 2022, the declaration of arrivals for pleasure craft will be transferred to CBP One ™ and the CBP ROAM ™ application will no longer be available.

To start

Travelers should download the free CBP One ™ app on their web-connected smart device. Note that a free login.gov account is required to use CBP One ™. After opening the CBP One ™ application, press “Connect with Login.gov”.

  • Travelers who do not have a login.gov account must “Create an account” and follow the instructions.

  • Travelers who already have a login.gov account must log into their existing account and will be redirected to CBP One ™.

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After logging into CBP One ™, users can access various CBP services according to their specific needs.

Please report any questions or comments to CBPOne@cbp.dhs.gov and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

CBP One ™ I-94 is available nationwide. However, the ability to make appointments for perishable goods is only available at participating Points of Entry (POE). Please contact your POE for more information.

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