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The Tulare County District Attorney’s Office now has a cold case website to solicit the public’s help in solving 13 homicides dating back to 1981.

“When a case is unsolved or has hit a snag, time can offer new technology, time can offer less pressure for witnesses to come forward, and time can give justice another shot. “ – Tulare County DA Tim Ward

“In 2019, we established the Cold Case Homicide Unit to assist allied law enforcement in their efforts to bring justice to waiting families,” Tulare County District Attorney Tim Ward said in a statement on Tuesday. hurry. “The unit is starting to see success, and we hope this website and frequent social media posts will help them in their efforts.”

Last week, Ward announced the filing of a felony murder charge against Louis Villarreal, 34, in the cold case of the 2008 shooting death of Hernan Diaz. DNA evidence led to Villarreal’s arrest.

13 cases highlighted on website

There are 13 cases listed on the website, which can be found at this link. More will be added as investigations continue, the prosecutor’s office said. The Cold Case Unit has two Criminal Investigators and an Investigative Assistant.

One of the most puzzling cases is the 2009 disappearance of Tulare landscaper William “Bill” Henry, 57, whose body was never found.

Henry was last seen at his home late on the evening of November 5, 2009. Investigators later found his burnt truck and trailer in a field on Route 84, south of Avenue 188. Evidence gathered at his home reported that Henry had been assaulted there. .

“Time is a big part of homicide cases,” Ward said. “Time doesn’t mean forgetting, families and friends don’t forget, and neither do homicide detectives. When a case is unsolved or hits a snag, time can offer new technologies, time can offer less pressure for witnesses to come forward, and time can give justice another shot.

“If anyone has any information regarding a homicide, please contact us. Somewhere there is a family member who is hoping for answers.

If anyone has information about a cold case, the DA’s office urges them to call (559) 205-1021 or text (559) 731-0098.

Photos of victims also needed

Additionally, the Cold Case Unit is asking the public to provide portraits of five homicide victims. They are:

    • Luis Rodriguez, 28, killed February 22, 1985 in Porterville.
    • Bobby Desoto, 43, killed Feb. 1, 1987, behind “The Mint” in Porterville.
    • Englebert Marquez, 28, killed April 27, 2006 in Tulare.
    • Benito Jimenez, 22, killed April 15, 2010 in Porterville.
    • Isabel Alvarado, 19, killed on October 21, 2014 in Tulare.

Can you help resolve these cold cases?

(Tulare County Attorney’s Office)

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