Creem returns with a website and quarterly print magazine

Cream magazine was relaunched as a website and quarterly print magazine. The new site features an archive of every issue of the magazine’s original series from 1969 to 1989 and a weekly newsletter titled “Fresh Creem”; the print magazine is expected to launch in the fall. The new Creem Entertainment is led by President JJ ​​Kramer (son of the first Cream co-founder and publisher Barry Kramer), CEO John Martin (former Vice editor), and Jaan Uhelszki (one of Creamoriginal publishers). The writing of the new Cream magazine includes Vice President of Content Fred Pessaro, Managing Editor Maria Sherman and Managing Editor Zachary Lipez.

Founded in Detroit, Michigan, Cream established a reputation throughout the 1970s and 1980s as a creator of irreverent taste and outplaying its main competitor rolling stone, helping to promote local artists like the Stooges, MC5 and Alice Cooper. Contributors to the magazine included Lester Bangs, Robert Christgau, Patti Smith, Cameron Crowe, eventual Pitchfork contributor Greil Marcus, and Dave Marsh, an early Cream editor who is credited as the first to use the term “punk rock” in a 1971 article on Question Mark & ​​the Mysterians. “Having a certain sense of humor in rock’n’roll culture–Cream nailed in a way no one else has. It enlightened a lot of people’s sensibilities,” Thurston Moore said in a statement.

CreamThe digital archive, which includes 224 issues and 69,000 photos, articles and reviews, is available with a 30-day free trial until August, when it will be bundled with subscriptions to the print magazine.

This is not the first attempt to reboot Cream since the magazine closed in 1989. New York publisher Arnold Levitt – who bought the rights to the magazine in 1988 – licensed the intellectual property in the 1990s to a group of Florida investors who attempted to vain to relaunch the title as a glossy bimonthly. In the 2000s, photographer and former Cream contributor Robert Matheu attempted another reboot with his cousin Jason Turner and a Michigan businessman named Ken Kulpa, but they failed to find investors and were embroiled in legal disputes with JJ Kramer – which helped fund Matheu’s acquisition of the intellectual property in 2006 – which were ultimately settled out of court. A licensed attorney himself, Kramer is currently Associate General Counsel and Global Head of Intellectual Property for apparel company Abercrombie & Fitch, in addition to his duties as Chairman of Creem Entertainment.

In 2016, Kramer outsourced a documentary about the magazine’s history; it was released in 2020 under the name Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine. In May, Creem Entertainment announced that it had secured funding from venture capital firm BMG Cypress Ascendant Holdings.

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