Daughter of Legendary Notre Dame Basketball Coach Digger Phelps Launches NIL Website and App for Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s Student-Athletes

SOUTH PLIAGE, Ind., September 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Karen Phelpslongtime nonprofit humanitarian and daughter of Our Lady the best-known basketball coach, announced the launch of Golden Touch, the first and only NIL collective to allow both our Lady and female student-athletes at Saint Mary’s to achieve name, image and likeness income opportunities – with a particular focus on increasing opportunities for female players in women’s sports and campus Olympic sports, golf and from lacrosse to volleyball, soccer and more.

GoldenTouch.world brings Fighting Irish and Beautiful players on an online NIL marketplace where they can partner with businesses, charities, fans, grow their life experiences, and boost their mental well-being. Phelps also announced the tandem platform, GoldenMinds.worlda web resource designed to end mental health stigma in sports and serve as a simple one-stop-shop connecting players to important resources throughout their journey as a student-athlete.

our Lady and Saint Mary’s fans, alumni, subscribers, nonprofits and businesses can book players or entire teams through the web platform or Golden Touch mobile app (iOS and Android compatible) for services such as one-on-one live video chats, personalized video shout-outs, and souvenir purchases dedicated to more elaborate branded content promotion campaigns and unique on-campus experiences. Powered by PlayBooked’s secure, fully compliant and exclusive online platform, Golden Touch can manage all aspects of their collective needs in one place.

“Golden Touch is a different, easy-to-love type of collective,” says Phelps, a mother of eight, six of whom played varsity sports. “We are positioning ourselves as a democracy – we will work as hard for ND and Saint Mary’s baseball rowers as we do for our marquee football and basketball players. We have award opportunities at all levels – big budgets brand to individual fans requesting a video shout out and Golden Touch was born out of a passion for our enduring mission – to invest in all of our players on and off the pitch with Golden Minds.”

“We view Golden Minds as mental armor for athletes,” adds Phelps, “and we strongly believe it will draw fans and brands to a collective where the benefits support a different purpose.”

True to its brand roots and core values ​​– inclusion and diversity for any athlete with a special intention of celebrating underrepresented players – Golden Touch has announced its inaugural NIL agreement: RYU (Respect Your Universe), a growing lifestyle apparel brand, has entered into a new partnership and begins its commitment beginning with Our Lady current national championship fencers. RYU plans to extend its partnership to Irish female basketball and tennis players and hopes to eventually incorporate all female Olympic sports players from both campuses into its arrangement.

PlayBooked is the NIL platform of choice for a host of other collectives, including those representing gamers from Michigan, Cal Berkeley, State of San Diego, among others. Phelps said she entered the NIL world after PlayBooked fully committed to bringing Golden Minds into the initiative. “Our Golden Touch group couldn’t be more enthusiastic about generating creative marketing opportunities for players in our alma maters,” says Phelps. “But the driving force for me was our vision for mental health. I know firsthand the intense pressure on young people to balance studies, sports and life. The alarming rates of depression, anxiety and even suicides tragedies we’ve all read about aligned with my learnings about emotional and mental well-being through the bereavement camps I started for the Moyer Foundation (now Eluna Network) We really think Golden Minds has something to bring.

Recent NCAA surveys reveal significant gaps that Phelps hopes to help fill: More than 30% of Division I student-athletes said they feel seriously overwhelmed, but only 47% of those surveyed feel comfortable ask for help on campus. Phelps sees Golden Minds complimenting what schools offer and “meeting athletes where they are” in the following ways:

  • Provide an off-campus resource if players feel more comfortable choosing this option;
  • Stimulate conversations to end stigma and foster openness about embracing mental health as an equal priority to physical health;
  • Give student-athletes the chance to request a navigator who will create personalized action steps and link to resources appropriate to their situation;
  • Provide independent learning by carefully organizing reading material.

“We have tremendous aspirations for Golden Minds and a vision to develop and scale services and programs tailored to this unique cohort – college athletes,” Phelps said. “There’s nothing like overdoing it when equipping our youngsters with the best mental health practices. We even include a feedback form on our website, so players can suggest suggestions. “other ways to listen, respect and empower them to put their mental health first. But it really starts with a destigmatizing conversation about mental health and filling our website with lots of real talk. Even the audacity and impressiveness of two of our Golden Minds captains, Avery Davis (our Lady football) and Dara Mabrey (our Lady women’s basketball), encouraging their peers to fully embrace mental wellness – it’s powerful and compelling. We want Golden Minds to be known for completely normalizing the pursuit of good mental health.”

“Karen’s vision for Golden Touch, a NIL collective where transactions directly support advanced mental wellness resources for athletes, is extraordinary and inspiring,” said Aaron Taylor, former ND football star and professional and CBS Sports analyst. “My own struggles – anxiety, depression, loss of identity after retirement, peer suicides – tell me that we don’t think enough about prevention and wait too long until there is a crisis. Golden Minds, a one-stop digital resource for college athletes, is Karen’s contribution to meeting this challenge.”

“There were days [after injury] I didn’t want to get up…but you need to have good mental health…and take the appropriate steps to move on. »

  • Excerpt from an interview with Avery DavisIrish football captain.

“I hear all the time, ‘what if they call me sweet?’ It is deeply saddening that athletes are reluctant to speak up. I am here to tell athletes, “you are not alone.”

  • Excerpt from an interview with Dara Mabrey, irish women basketball goalie.

For more information on the Golden Touch collective, visit GoldenTouch.world or download the Golden Touch App (iOS and Android). To learn more about Golden Minds, visit GoldenMinds.world.

About Karen Phelps

Karen Phelps spent his life serving others. A mother of eight, most of whom played varsity and professional sports, she blazed new trails through her groundbreaking work at the Moyer Foundation, which established free camps for ailing children across the country to help them recover. coping with grief, loss and others. challenges. Raising more than $25 million since 2002, his accomplishments have been the subject of an Emmy-winning HBO documentary, “one last hugPhelps served on the National Mental Health Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention and has a mental health first aid certification.

About PlayBooked

PlayBooked is a web platform/mobile app that connects college athletes with fans and brands. Co-founded in 2020 by Chloe V. Mitchell, the first college athlete in history to monetize her name, image and likeness (NIL), the PlayBooked app allows student-athletes to seamlessly respond to live video chat booking requests and video announcements personalized fans and promotional opportunities for local brands or businesses. PlayBooked for Business tailors multi-athlete content creation campaigns for brands and also licenses its technology platform to collectives and organizations. For more information, visit PlayBooked.com or download the PlayBooked app (iOS and Android).

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