District launches website to attract investment and boost job growth

The District of Squamish has launched a new website to attract economic investment and local job growth focusing on three key economic areas: green economy, outdoor recreation technology and design, and sustainable tourism and hospitality.

The site aims to target local job growth through outside investment and support the expansion of local businesses by providing better access to resources, information and data.

The website consists of four main sections:

Why Squamish: Highlighting the lifestyle, regional and international access, local economy, our skilled workforce and the current economic climate

Key Sectors: An overview of Squamish’s thriving green economy, outdoor recreation and sustainable tourism and hospitality industries

The website How can we help you? : a range of tools to support entrepreneurs and investors at all stages of business, as well as resources for job seekers.

Investment Opportunities: An overview of key sectors in Squamish, local supply chain opportunities, the need for improved services and amenities for residents and visitors, and opportunities for businesses looking to invest in Squamish Market.

“It’s more than a website about an industry like cleantech or performance apparel design – it tells the Squamish story through a business lens, highlighting the importance of our infrastructure and our hand -local workforce that brings a variety of industries to work here in Squamish,” said Squamish Mayor Karen Elliott.

“This website clearly sets out who we are, what we do and the types of businesses that currently exist and those that we seek to attract as investment to support the development of our sector, our thriving economy, affordable housing and child care – the services and amenities our community needs. And most importantly, it’s about providing our local business community with access to tools and resources to grow, develop and prosper.

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