Dragon’s Dogma 10th Anniversary Website Opens With Special Message

This month marks Capcom’s 10th anniversary the dogma of the dragon action-RPG, first released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. To celebrate, Capcom opened a brand new 10th anniversary website for the series, with a promo, a special message and a timeline of the game’s history.

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Here’s a quick video to get you started:

Director Hideaki Itsuno shared the following message:

Dragon’s Dogma, first released in 2012, celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Thank you, Arisen, for taking up arms and braving the impossible challenges ahead of you. We are forever grateful for your support over the years and hope you will join us in this momentous celebration of Dragon’s Dogma!

The timeline covers everything from the April 2012 debut of the digital comic prologue to the September 2020 premiere of the Netflix original animated series.

Source: Capcom


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