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Inspired by the United States Women’s National Team, SheBelieves is a movement to encourage young women and girls to achieve their dreams, athletic or not. The campaign was originally launched in the run-up to the 2015 Women’s World Cup and has evolved into a special bond between American football and its fans, sending a powerful message of empowerment and self-confidence to communities across the country.

As one of the most popular women’s teams in America, the WNT is the perfect example of how dreams are possible if you think about it and pursue what you want. Through dedication, teamwork, persistence and success, the United States Women’s National Team inspires new generations of young girls and women to be better and strive to improve. They make them believe.

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In a culture where young girls are often influenced by outdated gender norms, SheBelieves’ mission is to empower girls to achieve their dreams. You and your organization can join in this mission by spreading messages of positivity and showcasing your athletes and their stories as examples of hope and success.

Empowering young women and girls is not an overnight goal but an ongoing movement that can impact millions of people, because when girls and women succeed, we all succeed. Join us by using #shebelieves or #shebelievescup to expand awareness of this campaign which is impacting all young girls and women with a dream around the world.

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