Empel – better chemistry, better application


As perfluoroalkyl chemical (PFAS) bans accelerate in dozens of US states and several European countries, Albuquerque-headquartered Green Theme Technologies (GTT) claims to be the only brand capable of exceeding current performance standards while eliminating PFAS from footwear production.

To back this up, the company worked with the Hohenstein Institute to achieve Oeko-Tex Eco Passport certification.

“Green Theme technology is at the forefront of innovation in apparel, footwear and textiles, not only because it uses better chemistry, but also because of the way it uses it. applies,” said John Frazier, senior technical director of the Hohenstein Institute. “GTT’s Empel is applied using a waterless, PFAS-free technology that drives the chemistry into the fabric, increasing performance and durability.”

Recently tested and certified PFAS-free by Bureau Veritas, Empel uses no so-called “eternal chemicals”, while still providing the best water and wicking fabric protection available.

Independent testing reveals that GTT’s new sweat-wicking technology for footwear surpasses current industry standards for dryness, durability and stain protection, beating all current C6 and C0 treatments.

GTT currently works with several global footwear brands in the athletic and outdoor markets that are looking for superior moisture wicking protection, stain protection and long lasting performance. Internal evaluation of these brands yields outstanding results and shoes with Empel’s anti-evacuation technology will be available to the public in 2023.


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