Five-star DL Shemar Stewart launches own website

As a five-star defensive lineman Shemar stewart dropped out of his top five schools on Thursday night, Opa Locka (Florida) top prospect Bishop Pace released his personal website, also.

“I had him do a logo with the whole NIL thing (name, image, likeness), his trainer Moe Marquez told 247Sports. “I just wanted to try and start to embed this logo in people’s minds so that they would know who it represents when they see it. “

The 6-foot-5, 260-pound Stewart has been in the minds of college coaches for years now. Overall prospect # 4 in the Top247, he focused on Clemson, Georgia, Miami, Ohio State and Texas A&M. People can read about it and more on Stewart’s new site.

“At the moment, this is just an informational website,” Marquez said. “All his visits and photos like that will be posted there. If they want to access his social networks, there are direct links there. It’s mostly an informational site at the moment. Over time we will update it with more features and more stuff. We try to do events, nonprofit events where he can go out and give back to the community that has helped him get to where he is.

Stewart may not take advantage of his name as a high school player in the Sunshine State, but that will change quickly once he signs a letter of intent in December for one of those five schools. Miami is the 247Sports Crystal Ball favorite, but Texas A&M gained momentum after a visit in late July.

“As soon as he goes to college he can make it into an e-commerce site,” Marquez said, adding that the site was created by @ R33kz on Instagram. “He will be selling clothes with his logo on it and different things like that so that his fans and supporters can also be a part of his brand while wearing them.”

In the meantime, the website will have information like Stewart’s top five, bio, photos from tours and things of that nature.

Stewart had 15 sacks in second grade. An injury cost him most of his junior season. He’s set to go this fall and Andrew Ivins, 247Sports national analyst, compares his game to that of Chris Jones.

“Looks like a grown man on the edge,” Ivins wrote in his scouting report. “Was mistaken by a recruiter for a final year college student when he was in his first year of high school because of his size. A legitimate 6ft 4in, growing 6ft 5in. Added more than 20 pounds of mass to frame between junior and senior seasons. However, there is still room to grow larger as he is a bit leaner. Has one of the longest reaches of any passing thrower in the entire 2022 cycle with a wingspan that spans over 80 inches. Use this length to your advantage. Has shown on tape that he is able to win both inside and outside. The initial burst allows him to force his way quickly into the backfield. Does a good job of keeping his feet moving while feeling a situation. Powerful enough at the point of contact to back off an offensive tackle and flush out a pocket. Not much of a finesse player at this point in development, but can perform a dive or tear to get around different obstacles. Tends to play with a high pad level which can result in missed tackles. At the speed of the foot to take down the ball carriers, but has to play with the whistle more consistently and make a difference outside of hashes if he is to reach his full potential. Must also become more flexible. He burst onto the scene in sophomore when he totaled 15 sacks against stiff competition week after week in South Florida. However, lingering shoulder and knee injuries derailed most of his junior season. Rare physical traits and elite test numbers suggest he could blossom into an all-conference type of player in a Power 5 schedule and possibly a top pick in the NFL Draft if all comes together. Has a chance to stay on the sidelines, but the future could be that of an indoor pass runner as his body begins to evolve that way.

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