“Haikyu!!” Official Site Launches Mysterious Countdown, Possibly Season 5 Announcement [Rumor Watch]

It seems that the official Haikyu!! website launched a mysterious countdown? What does it mean? Well, read below:

Countdown to volleyball victory?

Alias: This very popular volleyball anime.

If you look on the Haikyu!! official site, you can see that there is a rather mysterious countdown running towards 0. According to the time left on the timer, which is just over 3 days and 8 hours so far, this count at countdown will expire on August 13, 2022.

Unfortunately, there is no indication on the official site as to the usefulness of this countdown. The online rumor mill theorizes that it could be the long-rumored season 5 of Haikyu!!, based on a cafe collaboration announcement confirming said season 5 is in the works. This seems like the most likely option. However, this remains speculation until we get official confirmation that it is indeed Season 5. Take it with a grain of salt until then. At the very least, we won’t have long to find out if this countdown is really for that.

Haikyu!!: Details

Normally I don’t like sports anime, but I have to admit it’s a nice theme song here.

Haikyu!! is the anime adaptation of the sports comedy manga of the same name by Haruichi Furudate. Production GI (ghost in the shell, Fena: Pirate Princess, Star Wars: Visions Episode 5 – “The Ninth Jedi”) is the animation studio behind this anime. Susumu Mitsunaka (#1–60) and Masako Satō (#61–85) directed it, with Wakana Okamura, Toshihiro Maeda, Fumi Morihiro, Keiichi Tomura, (#1–25), Shinya Shinozaki (#1–60) , Tomoyuki Production of Saitō (#1–60), Kozue Kaneniwa (#1–60), Yū Honda (#61–85), Mayumi Kurashima (#61–85), and Shōichirō Taguchi (#74–85). Taku Kishimoto (bunny drop, Deleted, Fruit basket 2019 remake) is the writer, along with Yuki Hayashi (my hero academia) and Asami Tachibana (Darling in the Franxx, Seraph of the end) composing the music. Finally, Sentai Filmworks and Crunchyroll have licensed this anime for its NA release.

As to what Haikyu!! is about? Well, Crunchyroll has an official synopsis on the anime’s page. Check it out below:

“Based on the original manga series Weekly Shonen Jump by Haruichi Furudate, Haikyu!! is a slice-of-life sports anime that revolves around Shoyo Hinata’s love for volleyball. Inspired by a professional volleyball player small in stature, Hinata starts a volleyball team in her senior year of middle school, but the team is up against “King of the Court” Tobio Kageyama’s team in her first tournament and inevitably loses. After the crushing defeat, Hinata swears to surpass Kageyama After entering high school, Hinata joins the volleyball team only to find that Tobio has also joined him.

You can watch all seasons of Haikyu!! (except for animated films) for free on Crunchyroll. Anime movies require you to have a premium account, so you have to pay to watch them.

Source: haikyu.jp

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