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Look, wear, buy, straight from the catwalk: IoDF navigates the stages of fashion in the metaverse, creating a vocabulary that works.

This project democratizes and brings transparency to digital fashion metaverse experiences at LFW, via AR and NFTs.


“We are working on projects and strategies that create a new vocabulary for fashion within the metaverse. Making NFT purchasable through was a big part of the project for us, it’s a first in the industry; A full 360, from wearing the digital AR trial at the salon, to purchasing the NFT directly from via clearpay, is painless aand seamless. – IODF Co-founder and CEO, Leanne Elliott Young

digital institute Fashion has announced its 6th world premiere: an NFT launch at LFW which can be purchased from a luxury brand website. Strategy development, asset creation, onsite minting and implementation.

In collaboration with London-based luxury brand, ROKSANDA – launched during London Fashion Week and sponsored by Clearpay.

The NFT went live on February 21, 2022 at 9 a.m. GMT and can be purchased via exclusively through Clearpay.

“Working with a brand like Roksanda whose genius is so eloquent and whose work is ‘the art’ really showcases the potential of digital, it’s not tech digital aesthetics, it’s pure craftsmanship and nothing less.” – IODF Co-Founder and Creative Director, Cattytay

Look, wear, shop;

Watch the show,

Wear the AR collection,

Buy the NFT.

“The IoDF created the vocabulary for this meta-showcase, acknowledging that “for fashion audiences and brands right now, the dichotomy between the input root and this new language for this crypto/metaverse arena is problematic.” – IODF Co-founder and CEO, Leanne Elliott Young

“In a male dominated space, it’s great to step into this metaverse arena and create the world’s first NFT experience for ROKSANDA as well as an AR wearable to sit alongside and push further for wider accessibility in the fashion industry.” – IODF Co-Founder and Creative Director, Cattytay

Live at Tate Britain, we saw the craftsman of two workshops combined at the ROKSANDA midday show on February 21. The final look of the collection was translated and amplified in augmented reality by IoDF. The IRL dress never goes into production, reflecting the rarity of this moment.

“We really dove deep into the creative realm of Roksandas, Roksanda was designing beyond ‘physical parameters’, it was wonderful to explore that for AR and NFT in collaboration, two workshops together IRL x URL.” – IODF Co-founder and CEO, Leanne Elliott Young

“It was a real back and forth between Roksanda’s team and our team. We worked late into the night to bounce our ideas off and push the possibilities. – IODF Co-Founder and Creative Director, Cattytay

This AR has two functions, it was worn by the guests as an AR trial, in addition to acting as a work of art, you can place the garment in situ and walk around and see the craftsman up close. Very fitting that the show was at Tate Britain.

Weaving IRL x URL in unison, the project occupied traditional campaign sites, billboards are scannable, enabling AR digital try-on; the final look of the show. Locations include; London from Notting Hill tube station to Shoreditch’ Redchurch Street.

The experience marks the first time an NFT has been purchasable on a luxury brand website in pounds, rather than cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH). Available for purchase from 9am on the day of the show, Monday February 21, the NFT is hosted on the Polygon blockchain.

“IoDF chose this preferred blockchain because many ROKSANDA NFT owners will be first-time blockchain users, and an environment such as Polygon’s which is home to many well-known users and projects including Sandbox and Decentraland, making it one of the best platforms to familiarize themselves with.- IODF Co-Founder and Creative Director, Cattytay

Tiered systems are in place for NFT as IoDF and ROKSANDA wanted to allow a broad demographic to participate in this metaverse moment, the full breakdown is as follows:

  • £25 for one of 500 3D clothing renders
  • £250 for one of 250 3D animated clothing renderings
  • £5,000 for one of 10 3D animation renders including other utilities such as the software files used to create the digital version of the dress are provided, allowing buyers to wear the garment in the Metaverse.

“This digital garment pushed the boundaries of Roksanda’s creative imagination. Designing with digital first in mind was a first for Roksanda, allowing his imagination to run wild, while IoDF made sure to bring those creative dreams to life with our workshop. – IODF CEO and Creative Director, Cattytay

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