iQor selects Prisma® Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–iQor today announced the integration of Palo Alto Networks Prisma® Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) in its digital ecosystem to further enhance cloud security. As a managed service provider of customer engagement and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, this integration supports iQor’s digital initiative to grow its cloud footprint while keeping security a top priority. and ensuring end-to-end visibility across all cloud platforms.

“iQor’s selection of Prisma Cloud reinforces our efforts to continually expand our digital landscape and ensure a secure and rewarding customer experience. After a comprehensive evaluation process, we selected Prisma Cloud to provide us with the best workload protection as we utilize the capabilities offered by public cloud environments,” said Prabhjot Singh, Chief Digital Officer of iQor.

With iQor’s workloads transitioning to public cloud environments as part of its cloud-enabled digital journey, Prisma Cloud provides an additional layer of security to aid in multi-cloud protection and security deployment. while providing real-time information on potential vulnerabilities. Prisma Cloud’s solution helps secure cloud-native applications throughout the lifecycle in any cloud to improve efficiency and security.

By identifying potential risks as low, medium, or high, Prisma Cloud immediately alerts iQor teams so they have the ability to address them instantly. Prisma Cloud’s scalable solution helps provide real-time visibility and full-stack protection across public clouds to improve cloud compliance, detect and prevent vulnerabilities, and secure running applications.

“iQor has leveraged Palo Alto Networks digital technology for years to provide firewall protection and inbound and outbound network security. The recent addition of Prisma Cloud offers a single, next-generation security solution for cross-cloud protection, providing a single source of information and action across all cloud instances,” said Tarn Shant, senior vice president transformation and governance at iQor.

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