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FRICK, Switzerland – May 18, 2021 – In the textile industry, this could well be a unique idea. One of the world’s leading machinery suppliers has just launched its new website, in which the company’s renowned technology is firmly relegated to the background. Instead, the Jakob Müller Group offers a fresh and innovative web experience that sets its priorities straight.

Of course, Jakob Müller is known worldwide as a manufacturer of systems and solutions for the production of narrow fabrics. Its research, development and production of cutting-edge technologies have constantly evolved since its foundation in 1887. Innovation has always been at the heart of this success story, based on the recognition of customer needs and demands. And this customer orientation now takes center stage in the completely redesigned website.

welcome to the house

The concept aims to instantly take visitors of www.mueller-frick.com into a familiar world, with a sense of homecoming and comfortable sensations of happy childhood memories. It is designed to provide hospitality to memorable moments, enveloping the visitor in a pure life experience that creates a lasting impression.

This welcome within the Jakob Müller group could come as a surprise. But it signals the group’s desire to be part of the customer’s universe, showing how it already values ​​countless products used, without a second thought, in everyday life. The design concept uses understated visual cues to highlight the prominence of some of those elements we often take for granted.

Fashion, home textiles, automotive, medical and industry – all areas in which Jakob Müller is helping to shape the future. And these sectors are used as anchors for the orientation of the website, with red frames guiding the visitor through the wide ranges of applications. With just one click, users can find the best way to manufacture a specific product. Professionals in the narrow fabric and ribbon industry can access detailed information on every aspect of their job. The range extends from yarn warping to the finished product, from crochet knitting to woven labels and from individual machines to complete system solutions.

Discover the right partnership

The Jakob Müller Group wants to show what its products and ideas can mean for everyone. Values ​​such as quality, safety, personalized and innovative solutions are at the heart of our concerns. As a service-oriented partner, the group is committed to ensuring that these aspects correspond to the highest expectations. “Finally, the website should provide the answer if our technology fits into the customer world,” said Robert Reimann, Group CEO Jakob Müller.

The whole story is built on solid principles of trust, experience, famous Swiss precision, and social and environmental responsibility. Together they make Jakob Müller the ideal partner, sure to prove its worth in the long term and make a significant contribution to the success of its customers in the market. “We would like to invite individuals to explore our website and find out why Jakob Müller might be the perfect partner for them,” said Reimann.

Posted May 18, 2021

Source: Jakob Müller Group

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