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The Masters is just around the corner. The pianos tinkle. Jim Nantz sips throat tea. It’s a real party there. On Tuesday, that rage came to a head when the internet discovered the seemingly innocent photo of Jon Rahm currently being used on the Masters website. Notice anything funny?

That’s right. At first glance, it looks like one of the great Spainard’s signature follow-ups, but something is off. The proportions are a little off. Elbows a little loose. Closer inspection reveals that it is not a driver, nor a fairway wood, nor even a long iron. Instead, it’s Rahm’s putter, caught midway after taking a full cut on an angry ball while on a green somewhere in the vast span of time. (Thanks to Rahm’s legendary temper, it’s hard to narrow it down much more than that.)

Needless to say, it’s absolutely hilarious. Also needless to say that Web Masters administrators did not do it intentionally. The Masters – and by extension Augusta National – is best in class in countless areas. Grounds maintenance. Gravitate. Concession prices. Comedy, however, is not exactly their forte. A sense of humor has long been the price to pay for doing business at Augusta National. It’s the church of golf and it wouldn’t be right if the reverend cracked jokes during the the Sunday sermon… not that it is already kept us from snickering from the back seats, of course.


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