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No matter where you go or what you do, there is always someone trying to steal your hard-earned money. We gun enthusiasts are no different from anyone else in this regard. In fact, it seems like the criminals have been trying even harder lately, using the current situation to trick us into thinking we’re getting a deal on a highly sought-after firearm. Recently I found a Kalashnikov USA scam alert waiting for me and since I know not all of you sign up to their mailing list, I’m going to share it with everyone to spread the word.

More Kalashnikov USA @ TFB:

Kalashnikov USA Website Fraud Alert Email:

Friends of KUSA,
Thanks to you, we have a close and strong community of like-minded people. We are committed to nurturing our community and providing you with the best experience from the time you visit our website and our resellers to the time you use our products.
We recently discovered bad actors who want to take advantage of our community by duplicating our website and posing as Kalashnikov USA. We have already taken appropriate steps to remove this fake website.
In the meantime, we wanted you to know that these scammers exist and to be careful when shopping online at kalashnikov-usa.com and in general.
Please follow these steps to ensure that you place your order on our authentic website:

1. URL: Our appropriate website domain is kalashnikov-usa.com.

Kalashnikov United States Fraud Kalashnikov United States Fraud

2. Website Navigation and Homepage: Although the similarities are close, there are visual queues in the navigation and homepage differences.

Kalashnikov United States Fraud Kalashnikov United States Fraud

3. Payment process: We use the highest payment protection when transacting on our website. We will never ask you to place an order first, transfer the money to us through services like Zelle, or ask us to give us your banking information.

Kalashnikov United States Fraud Kalashnikov United States Fraud

As you can see, it’s serious and Kalashnikov USA cares about protecting its customers. If you ever come across what appears to be a manufacturer’s or dealer’s website and it appears to be some kind of sketch, check around. Ask about it on the many message boards or discord chats available. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

All images from Kalashnikov USA, www.kalashnikov-usa.com

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