Local Wisconsin startup raises $ 350,000 to develop empowerment and self-improvement app

Money in the Pot is a mobile application from Camelot Inc. that monetizes accountability to ensure users engage in self-improvement practices.

Self improvement is one of the most popular goals among modern people. However, this is a goal that unfortunately ends in failure most of the time. And that’s because practical difficulties, procrastination, and lack of commitment get in the way of people and their desire to be better. On that note, Camelot Inc., a US-based tech startup, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest business, “Money in the Pot,” a mobile app designed to help people stay motivated as they move forward. work to improve.

Money in the Pot is a self-improvement and empowerment app designed to help friends stay responsible for their positive habits. Users will have to deposit money on the app to be shared among their friends when they miss a calendar of their activity. During a missed week, a user will pay the prize pool through the Swear jar feature and at the end of the month the prize pool is distributed among all participants in the form of credits which can be converted into real money.

Speaking of the initiative behind the creation of Money in the Pot, CEO of Camelot Inc., Alex Ebinal said, “The purpose of this exciting product is simple: to put your own money forward to promote your personal improvement. Easily meet your goals by creating an accountability group with your friends. Succeed and keep your money; Fail, and you’ll pay the group.

An interesting feature of the Money in the Pot app is its accessibility. Camelot Inc. has made innovation a web application that enables seamless online access from web browsers. Web-based innovation has not limited its accessibility as it is available on desktops, Android and IOS.

Designed with a bold user interface, Money in the Pot is a perfect addition to any home screen. Users can invite their friends to join them on their self-improvement journey by sharing their personal link. Most importantly, security is not a concern as all payments and payments are secured with Paypal based encryption.

Wisconsin’s tech maverick Camelot Inc. is quickly carving out a niche as a leading thought leader, not only in Wisconsin, but the world at large. Through Money in the Pot, Camelot has valiantly pioneered the peer-to-peer self-improvement industry and has raised $ 350,000 to date in an effort to make it a reality.

About Camelot Inc.

Camelot is run by Alex Ebinal, a native of America from Dairlyland, and is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Alex’s passion for the field and his innate talent for entrepreneurship led him to create a clothing line at just 15 years old, and later two other profitable start-ups before forming Camelot.

For more information on how Money in the Pot works, please visit www.moneyinthepot.com or call 920-360-0485.

Media contact
Company Name: Money in the pot
Contact: Alexis
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 920-360-0485
Country: United States
Website: https://moneyinthepot.com/

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