MARK & LONA Unveils First Online Luxury Golf Clothing Store For US, China And Other International Markets

TOKYO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –MARK & LONA, a leader luxury golf clothing brand, today announced the launch of the online golf apparel store named “MARK & LONA Global Market” showcasing luxury golf apparel for buy it now on the website. For the unveiling of this international sales platform, MARK & LONA offers high-end and special creations, including high-profile collaborations that are developed each season with world-famous cartoon characters, musicians, respected golf brands and toy figures at- beyond the fashion industry.

Since the launch of MARK & LONA in 2008 in Los Angeles, California, MARK & LONA embodies innovative designs that move away from traditional golf apparel and quickly gained popularity, also gaining attention as a unique synonym of fashion golf due to its impeccable branding and creation.

In 2018, to commemorate 10 years of excellence, MARK & LONA joined forces with Takuya Kimura as brand ambassador with our statement “Carry freedom”. Also last year, MARK & LONA opened a booth at the US PGA Tour “ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP”. Through these efforts, we will continue to innovate as an innovative global brand.

Exclusive collection

For this new business, MARK & LONA offers a range of special collections, including GENERAL, CODE, RICH & FAMOUS, ALARM, and the very popular range of exclusives which are sold on the new online platform MARK & LONA World Market. The brand with a made in Japan identity, represents an innovative design that does not look like a traditional golf garment, and most of the items use highly functional materials produced by the original company.

A free gift now available on the online store

The first purchase at “MARK & LONA World Market” will receive a special free pouch! Get your favorite items and MARK & LONA items must be sent to your doorstep or click and collect at your convenience!

* Limited time only, while supplies last

For more information, please visit MARK & LONA Global Marketplace (

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