McDonald’s is launching a new sandwich with its own merchandising website

There was a time when McDonald’s threw shade at other fast food restaurants that blurred the line between dining and streetwear. We seem to remember a very tongue-in-cheek ad campaign, followed quite closely by doing exactly what it made fun of.

Since then, it’s been just brand collaborations, limited releases as “drops” and hefty price tags. The latest in this series of merchandise moves from McDonald’s is a full brand campaign with its own website as a way to advertise a new menu item.

Tomorrow at noon, customers can visit (a nod to streetwear, skate brands, and musical artists’ current love of omitting vowels from words) for a “limited-edition capsule.” The release includes early access to the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, an “unreleased audio track” on 7″ vinyl created by Tay Keith, and a limited-edition hoodie.

Credit: McDonald’s

The hoodie features a vinyl track waveform on the sleeve and has that super clean plain text print on the front that’s been all the rage since Kanye’s Yeezy came out.

“We know fans can’t wait for our new Crispy Chicken Sandwich to hit restaurants, so we’re celebrating them and this moment with a drop like no other,” said David Tovar, vice president of US communications for McDonald’s, in a press release. . “We’re thrilled to give fans early access to this sandwich and exclusive loot they can’t find anywhere else to commemorate this great addition to our menu.”

A limited run of clothing for a fast food restaurant is nothing new. But the design is perfect for McDonald’s target audience. And a vinyl release, tied to a apparel and available on a limited-edition dedicated website, is certainly a novel approach.

Considering the whole package is only $5, which is about the price of the sandwich alone, it’s pretty much set in stone that this will sell out quickly. This stuff always does.

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