New Era Removes MLB Hats From Website In Backlash

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ST. LOUIS – A controversy is brewing at Cardinal Nation but it has nothing to do with the team. Everything revolves around capital letters and area codes.

The New Era Cap Company makes baseball caps and other clothing for many MLB teams, and the company’s latest attempt to make a specialty local cap for each city has been met with mockery and derision from many fans.

The Cardinal cap features The Gateway Arch, plus toasted dumplings and a Missouri map. The front of the cap has a number that bothers local fans – the 314 area code.

“As many fans in Area 618 as you have in Area 314,” said Robert Rencher, who lives in southern Illinois. “I grew up a Cardinal fan.”

In Kansas City, they have multiple area codes, but the manufacturers omitted the 816 code, where the Royals play.

“I could try this because if it’s a hot item, I could take care of it too,” said Andy Shifter, owner of Hats N Stuff at Westport Plaza.

Shifter has been in the fan business for 27 years. He thinks New Era is testing the waters with just the 314 area code.

“I think once that kicks off and they start getting feedback from customers and sellers, they’ll go back to their office and say, ‘We need 636, we need 573,'” a- he declared.

Cardinal fans in Cahokia, Ill. Also want to be represented.

“I think there shouldn’t be area codes if they don’t include all of the area codes,” said Kelly Jennings. “Like I said, my dad was a huge Cardinal fan and that would have disappointed him.”

A supporter of the Cardinals in area code 636 said he didn’t care.

“The stadium downtown, the team downtown, the area code is 314,” said Emil Dyle.

FOX 2 has contacted the New Era headquarters in Buffalo, New York, but could not obtain comment. Since this became a problem on social media, it emerged that the company had removed all photos of MLB caps with area codes.

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