Nintendo Shop website relaunches with free shipping

Nintendo has relaunched its digital storefront as My Nintendo Store. It basically brings all of Nintendo’s products together under one roof for Nintendo’s American audience, so now you can buy games, merchandise, and more in one place. For all intents and purposes, the official Nintendo Store website sticks to its presentational purpose. Don’t expect this to mean the storefront is more stocked than before Nintendo Files, there are still a lot of popular items missing from the store.

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It’s important to note that the Nintendo Store website has been updated to be more user-friendly and provide another way to purchase Nintendo-related products. You can also purchase digital copies of Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch games directly from My Nintendo Store and download them to your console. It will also offer the free shipping option on physical items which was not the case before. Stamps also appear on any Nintendo-licensed merchandise, such as stickers, game manuals, or clothing, which reads “Officially Licensed Product of Nintendo, Inc.”

Many of Nintendo’s most popular products are also advertised on the home page of the My Nintendo Store website. The new store homepage contains hyperlinks to hubs for games, Nintendo hardware, special merchandising offers, sales and discounts, and Nintendo characters. It looks like Nintendo listened to the feedback or was compelled to respond, as it’s now been confirmed that the official Nintendo Shop website has relaunched with a completely revamped design.

There are also hubs for Nintendo Rewards, a form of Nintendo rewards that Nintendo players earn by purchasing games and additionally purchasing Nintendo Switch Online. Users who have linked their Nintendo Network ID wallet (used with Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family systems) to their Nintendo Account wallet (used with Nintendo Switch family systems) can use the shared balance to purchase content on one of these consoles until the end of March 2023. Even after the end of March 2023 and for the foreseeable future, it will still be possible to redownload games and DLC, receive software updates and play online on Nintendo Wii U and 3DS family systems.

The relaunch is great as My Nintendo Store also plans to add exclusive merchandise to the store. There’s a big banner at the top that confirms that Nintendo will be offering free shipping on all orders over $49.99. There’s a term that says the offer can change at any time, so if you’re looking to pick up Nintendo’s merchandise, you should look into it. It looks like the company is making its shopping experience more user-friendly for anyone looking to purchase first-party Nintendo products.



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