nrc: Deputy Commissioner will not insist on NRC document for application of caste certificate – Assam Cabinet

The Assam Cabinet has decided that the Deputy Commissioner will not insist on the National Register of Citizens (NRC) document for the application of caste certificate.

Saturday’s cabinet meeting discussed easing the issuance of caste certificates. In accordance with amended guidelines for the issuance of caste certificates, including the nature of the documents required to establish eligibility to obtain these certificates for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes/Plus Other Classes arrears. DC will not insist on NRC document for caste certificate application.

The cabinet decided that no investigation was required if the caste certificate of the father was satisfied “The investigation, if any, will be limited to caste status only and will be completed within 45 days.

The refusal slip has not yet been issued and the excluded must still appear before the Aliens Tribunal (FT). The NRC’s supplemental list, released on August 31, 2019, had found more than 31.1 million people eligible to be included in the registry while leaving out more than 1.9 million people.

In May last year, NRC coordinator Hitesh Dev Sarma filed a petition with the Supreme Court seeking a full and time-limited re-verification of the NRC project as well as the supplementary list. He also prayed for proper instructions that the reverification be carried out under the supervision of an oversight committee in the respective districts and that this committee could be represented preferably by the district judge, the district magistrate and the superintendent of respective font.

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