OROS unveils new logo, clothing collection and website

Portland, OR, October 9, 2019—OROS, the brand behind SOLARCORE – a revolutionary clothing insulation that incorporates airgel, the same material NASA uses to insulate space shuttles – is thrilled to announce the launch of the company’s new brands , the 2019/20 product collection and website.

As OROS enters a new phase of its activity, the founders wanted to create a new logo that better reflects the dynamic and ambitious spirit of the brand and its collection of high-end products. “The simple and progressive look of the new OROS wordmark and logo reflects our philosophy of always being on the move,” says Michael Markesbery, CEO and co-founder of OROS. “It’s an exciting time for us – a new logo, a new collection, a new website – all giant leaps forward for the brand.”

Driven by design engineering and the pursuit of building the best insulation technology on the planet, OROS has launched its most versatile and intentional winter collection yet.

“This season, we’ve added new technical lifestyle pieces that bridge the gap between street style and mountain gear for men and women,” says Jeff Nash, Technical Director and Vice President of Product at OROS. “With the new OROS logo update, we have taken the opportunity to update all core styles in fit and finish. The refined construction of the garment and attention to detail continues to enhance the consumer experience with our exclusive SOLARCORE insulation.

As well as a complete range refresh, OROS has added new snow sports pants with gloves and mitts marketed to complement the snow kit, as well as a men’s and women’s snap button shirt jacket. . Complete with active layers, outerwear and accessories, OROS offers a range of winter clothing equipped to keep you warm from urban commutes to snowy peaks.

To align with OROS’ new look and product, insulation innovators have launched a brand new website designed with the aim of curating a seamless and authentic customer journey – hugely important in the business model. of the brand directly to the consumer.

“This journey begins with using the brand’s visual storytelling to create an invigorating moment of discovery,” says Rithvik Venna, COO of OROS. “We cultivate this initial discovery through product pages that speak to the unique benefits of our technology and proprietary products in a highly relevant way. By doing these steps correctly, we will be able to continually build passion around the brand and develop a strong following of brand evangelists.

The new brands, product offering and customer experience of OROS are now available on orosapparel.com. Stay tuned as the OROS team continues to create new apparel and technology that revolutionizes outdoor experiences and encourages explorers to find their beyond.

About OROS: Founded in 2015, OROS was born from the desire to create pioneering clothing and technologies. With an unparalleled focus on materials science and proprietary technology that incorporates airgel – the same insulation used by NASA to insulate space shuttles – OROS has developed a breathable and durable material known as SOLARCORE. By integrating airgel, the least conductive solid known to mankind, SOLARCORE offers unparalleled insulation, in just 2 mm; a giant leap for technical outerwear. With the belief that science drives the world forward, OROS is rethinking the realm of the possible in outdoor gear, so you can push your limits. For more information about OROS, visit orosapparel.com.

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