Revamped Maserati website spurs development of new digital experience

The new Trident website presents an ocean of new Maserati experiences.

Maserati has started the process of redesigning and creating an amazing new digital experience for its customers, and the brand has started with a new website, which will serve as the starting point for what Maserati says will be an all-new, integrated digital experience. for Maserati Fans and Owners to enjoy. Comprised of three sections, Models, Make and Ownership, the website provides new information about what Maserati and its cars are, as well as features for Maserati owners.

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The new Models section features a new layout that provides information on the entire Maserati range, as well as all available versions. The Brand section focuses on values, history and facts about the Maserati brand, with a “Stories of Audacity” magazine offering a live feed of Maserati news and content. In an exciting development for Maserati owners, the Ownership section of the website is packed with content that links directly to Maserati Owner Apps. With this new website opening many doors to Maserati’s future digital experience, Maserati has made sure to prepare its new website for other aspects of the brand’s future, as the brand announced with the upcoming launch of the fully electric Folgore. Maserati range, a series of support tools will be specially designed for owners of fully electric Maserati vehicles.

Source: Maserati

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