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Bowing to backlash from Lemoore residents and town officials, Sandridge Partners told the town at a special meeting last week that they would withdraw plans to have a feedlot next to their proposed beef harvest plant. The plant would be located near highways 41 and 198, outside the city limits.

The county is processing the application for an 826-acre feedlot and slaughterhouse. Instead of allowing a feedlot of up to 12,600 cows, the factory holding pen would limit the number of head to a few days’ supply – 125 to 250 animals. Residents who spoke at the meeting said they were worried about flies, smells and the pumping of water so close to the community. A letter from the city to the county argued that the project with the feedlot would have a “significantly negative impact” on the livelihoods of city residents and on the operations and investments of city businesses.

City manager Nathan Olson said nearby businesses, including several marijuana growers, have “no problem” with the project if the feedlot is abandoned.

Additionally, Olson said the company promises not to do any renderings at the factory.

After some discussion, the Board decided to keep their letter of objection to the entire project since it would be up to the county to review and redistribute any modified projects for comment if the feedlot is removed.

Sandridge Partners spokesman Jim Wilson said Sandridge has various feedlots in the area where animals could be housed, but that would require quick truck deliveries to keep the harvest plant stocked.

Wilson says there’s a time element to all of this because the company is applying for new USDA grants and loans to help small meat processors grow. The application has a deadline of the end of March.

Seeking to spur competition in the beef packaging sector, the Biden administration is offering up to $1 billion in various funding opportunities to help influence beef prices

“Capitalism without competition is not capitalism, it is exploitation,” Biden said. “That’s what we see in meat and poultry.” Four major meatpacking companies control 85% of the beef market. The four main processors control 54% of the poultry market. And in pork, the top four processors control around 70% of the market according to reports.

In the Valley, consolidation last year created what was described as the 7th largest meat packer in the country when Hanford-based Central Valley Meat acquired Harris Ranch Beef. Indeed, the sprawling Harris Ranch feedlot was named after what Lemoore doesn’t want nearby. The feedlot along Highway 5 is 800 acres with up to 100,000 cattle.

Sandridge’s proposed feedlot was to cover 215 acres designed for a maximum of 12,600 cattle, smaller lots.

The Sandridge Beef Harvesting Plant comprises approximately 72,000 square feet of building space including cattle loading areas, slaughter floor, chillers, cold storage, dry storage, cutting room , offices and spaces for employees.

At least some March showers likely

NWS Hanford says to expect between a quarter and a half inch through Friday afternoon. The foothills and Sierra Nevada could receive up to one inch of liquid water equivalent due to orographic improvement for the same period. China Peak near Lake Huntington expects snow to develop Thursday afternoon through Saturday morning, with the most snowfall coming Friday. Totals could now be 8-10 inches over the two day period. A few more storms are forecast through the middle of the month, though none of them look like drenchers.

Under Armor will open a 7,500 square foot store at the Outlet Mall

Under Armor is coming to the Tulare Outlet Mall located in the former Dress Barn space. The company has obtained a permit to carry out the renovations and could open in a few months. Under Armour, Inc. is an American sports equipment company that manufactures athletic and recreational footwear, apparel. Tulare Outlets, owned by Craig Realty. is the fifth largest company in Tulare, with ownership valued at $41 million.

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