Savic Motorcycles Launches New Website, New Apparel

Savic e-Motorcycles featured on the new website

Savic Motorcycles has launched a new state-of-the-art website and clothing line, with the new site featuring a Motorcycle Configurator that allows users to “build” an electric motorcycle to their own specifications. You can consult it on

Savic C Series

The configurator allows users to design their own Savic C-Series in different colors with various optional trims and components and upgrades – giving customers a distinctive new way to check out what’s available and buy online.

The website also has a built-in augmented reality viewer that allows users to project their virtual motorcycle to scale in their driveway – both as a convenient storage tool and as a visualization of the possible ownership experience.

You can build your own Savic C electric motorcycle on the website

To bring the experience to life, Savic partnered with a startup visual technology studio, Future Perfect Digital, specializing in 3D web content and “mixed reality” experiences.

Alexandra Bromley – Marketing Director of Savic

“Finding a partner with the same passions and values ​​around great design through innovative technology was important to us, and when we found Buzzby and Andrew at Future Perfect Digital, they understood what we were looking for and worked hard. to turn our concepts into reality. We are very excited to launch these new services as we continue to use new technologies to create memorable experiences for our customers and fans of the Savic Motorcycles brand.

Savic C road tests

The challenge with the clothing line was to stay connected to Savic Motorcycles, while appealing to both those interested in EVs and those looking for a fashionable and ethical addition to their wardrobes.

Michael D’Amico – Savic’s Clothing Company

“Our ‘Culture Savic’ is a lifestyle brand for all who see the limitless possibilities that e-mobility can unlock. He was born in the streets of Melbourne, where we developed and rode our first electric motorcycles. It represents an unwavering dedication to ethical and environmental principles in all designs and manufactures. Our early research has shown that teenage and young adult audiences are particularly interested in EV culture, due to its compelling combination of cutting edge technology and carbon-free living. Growing the Savic Motorcycles brand means we need to attract new and future riders, but also deliver on our commitment to a sustainable future for all Australians. We want to change the direction in which fast fashion is heading. Under the Savic Culture label, we are committed to green and ethical practices. We will also collaborate with local brands and artists, and strive to seek out more sustainable materials throughout our design and manufacturing processes.

The new range of Savic clothing is available now

Savic’s summer 2022 collection t-shirts are all inspired by the Savic culture, which places equal emphasis on graphic design, print, materials, fit and size, to ensure that every Savic garment “ticks” all the boxes “in terms of high-end looks, comfort and quality. The range can be viewed on the website:

The Winter 2022 collection is also in development and will be another exciting addition including some exciting new collaborations.

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