Scrabble launches website with free online game

Scrabble has launched a brand new website with tons of new resources for players, including a browser-based version of the game. To celebrate International Scrabble Day (which celebrates the birthday of Scrabble creator Alfred Mosher Butts), Hasbro has announced that the popular word tile game is launching its own website,, which includes a free online version of the Game. will support PvP and PvE modes as well as ranked competitions. Other features include an official Scrabble word finder and dictionary, Scrabble blog, and moderated Scrabble forum. The site follows the launch of Scrabble GO, a mobile app version of Scrabble launched in March 2020.

Scrabble was first released in 1938 and is one of the most popular board games of all time. The game itself is quite simple – players shoot from a pool of letter tiles, each with its own score. Players then use these tiles to spell words on the game board. Each new word must be connected to at least one previous word placed on the tile. Players can score extra points by forming multiple words in a single game or by placing a tile on a space that grants either a double or triple letter score bonus or a double or triple word score bonus. The game uses an official Scrabble dictionary that players can use in challenges, with proper nouns not allowed in the game. A third of US households and half of UK households have a game of Scrabble, and the game also has a competitive scene with annual tournaments.

Word games remain a hugely popular pastime for many gamers, as evidenced by the continued popularity of Wordle and its countless spin-offs. Coincidentally, Scrabble’s letter tile scores are partly derived from the number of times each letter has appeared in daily issues of The New York Times, which now owns Wordle.

You can check out the new Scrabble website here.

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