St. Louis Profield Reserve clothing store opens on Cherokee Street

The line is called Profield Reserve. When asked how cool it was to see their P signature on clothes, they said it was ‘amazing’

ST. LOUIS – There is no doubt that the pandemic has hurt the small business community.

You would probably think now is not the time to open a new store, but three friends weren’t afraid to launch their clothing line while dealing with the fallout from COVID-19. They now have one of the newer locations south of St. Louis.

“This is our opportunity to do something big,” said Ramon Gibbs.

“We just know we wanted to do something together,” Chris Loss told 5 On Your Side.

They decided to establish their retail roots on Cherokee Street.

“It couldn’t be anywhere else. It had to be here, ”said Rachel Polly.

The line is called Profield Reserve. When asked how cool it was to see their P signature on their clothes, they said it was “amazing”.

Profield reserve offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and bags – clothes that can be worn every day.

“Comfort, durability, affordability, a classic oversized fit,” Loss described.

The fit they have together is a big reason the trio were able to open up during the pandemic.

“The week we were going to open was St Louis Town Closure Week,” Polly said.

They had to make some adjustments to their business plans.

“Some transitions and twists along the way,” she added.

But giving up was never a thought.

“Whatever we had to do to get there, we were going to do it,” Loss said.

They found the strength to persevere through the sweat they invested in making their dream come true.

“In a way, it really was blood and sweat and tears,” Polly said.

“You appreciate it and appreciate it more when you get your hands dirty,” Gibbs said.

“It really is a great accomplishment,” added Polly.

Achievement gives them confidence to face the future head-on.

“It takes a lot to make sure you’re here everyday, that you’re with, that you’re ready and able to take on anything that comes through the door,” Polly said.

They also do not see their door close.

“Definitely have a plan to get this big,” she added.

They hope he will be big enough to put them on the fashion map one day.

“Done well, this could be something great to come out of St. Louis,” Loss said.

You can consult the offers of the trio’s clothing store on the Profield Reserve website. They are located at 2309 Cherokee Street in St. Louis.

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