Tax Day 2022: IRS website slows down and experiences delays

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Monday notified U.S. taxpayers of the deadline for filing and paying personal income tax returns. US taxpayers use this website to file their returns electronically and by direct deposit. According to available data, the IRS spent approximately $2 billion on taxpayer filing and account services in fiscal year 2020.

IRS website crashed

It was tax filing day on Monday. On the busiest day of the year for the agency, frustrated taxpayers complained about the site collapsing and being unable to log in. website before midnight. According to reports, many users have reported seeing an error message on the IRS website stating, “We are unable to process your request due to technical difficulties.”

People trying to fill out forms for the past few hours and experiencing website issues took to social media to complain that they were trying to pay, but the site had crashed.

Dissatisfied with the site’s performance, users complained that it crashed

People were enraged by the frustrating situation and reacted to the Down Detector to vent their frustrations. Some people said they couldn’t make changes to their extended payment. Since the filing deadline was Monday, the penalty issues prompted users to plead with the IRS to accept responsibility for the situation and refrain from penalizing people.

On Twitter, some users expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation. They tweeted and complained that they spent over 3 hours trying to log in and complete the process but failed.

On Monday, the IRS did not refer to any difficulties with the website slowdown. Throughout the day, the IRS sent several social media tweets to its “IRSNews” Twitter account, but none of them discussed outages or slowdown issues on the IRS website. agency.

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