Teijin launches interactive website for discovery and creation

TOKYO – January 6, 2022 – Teijin Ltd. today announced the launch of a bilingual (English/Japanese) interactive website, named FUTURE NAVIGATION (https://futurenavigation-teijin.com), to interact with individuals and groups interested in discovering, discussing and co -create solutions that respond to the key problems of the modern world. More than just a platform to showcase Teijin’s technology and know-how, the website showcases unique and innovative initiatives, internal and external, to solve pressing problems while allowing visitors to interact with the company and each other to deepen communication aimed at discovery and cooperation. -creation.

On the occasion of the company’s 100th anniversary in 2018, Teijin unveiled its global message Future Navigation regarding the company’s long-term vision, aiming to be a company that supports the society of the future. The company also launched its Think Human project targeting nine key areas, including environment, mobility and ageing, to put the message of Future Navigation into practice.

The Future Navigation website will feature various initiatives as well as related video interviews and essays on the Think Human project. He will also present the company’s vision and market trends through dialogues between Teijin executives and external experts, as well as interviews with end-user companies that use Teijin materials.

To foster communication with and between visitors, the site is equipped with a tool that analyzes in real time the centers of interest of each visitor and then generates topics with strong affinity. In addition, the website has pages for in-depth communication between visitors and Teijin, visitors and other visitors, and visitors and companies that showcase their projects on the website. Visitors can also access detailed information about Teijin companies through links to various Teijin Group companies.

In the future, additional content will be added to the site and various solutions will be offered for co-creation by combining materials from Teijin and other companies.

In the background, Teijin’s Materials business hosts web exhibits as part of ongoing initiatives to achieve digital transformation (DX). The Teijin Materials Business virtual exhibition showcases solutions using high-performance materials and composite technologies that contribute to increased sustainability. In addition, Teijin Mobility Online showcases the company’s mobility-related solutions and new technologies. However, based on internal and external feedback regarding these initiatives, Teijin identified the need for a platform to help the company more accurately grasp the latent needs of today’s society. The result was the decision to create the new Future Navigation website.

As a human-centric company, Teijin pursues constant evolution with the aim of becoming a company that supports the society of the future.

Posted on January 11, 2022

Source: Teijin Ltd.

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