The Importance of Website Design for Startup Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

On Episode 123 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I talk with Lauren Muth, Founder of Studio Humankind, about the importance of web design for start-up nonprofits and social enterprises.

Lauren holds a BFA in Design and an MSJ in Digital Content Strategy. She founded Studio Humankind to specialize in ethical storytelling for organizations tackling complex social issues around the world. Lauren remains steadfast in her dedication to eliminating inequality, promoting diversity and designing a better world. She ultimately built her mission to help passionate, like-minded business owners attract conscious consumers, donors and volunteers to their cause, and increase their profits for long-term growth and impact. .

Lauren is striving to not only learn more about giving back by reaching out to others through a visual platform, but also to begin to create a stage for that engagement and shine a light on issues in the world that don’t are not currently brought to our attention. She aspires to spend her life traveling the world, meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

Check out its robust template gallery specially created for nonprofits and social enterprises.

Check out Laurens’ portfolio here, including her latest update to social enterprise MADI Apparel e-commerce website.

Lauren founded Studio Humankind to specialize in ethical website design and true storytelling for organizations tackling complex social issues around the world. His team builds strong foundations for deep-rooted causes at the forefront of social justice that move our world to action.

His work represents the stories of movers and shakers, risk takers, activists, business owners and nonprofit leaders who are shaking up ideas and industry relationships. Not only does her team help you attract your dream clients and conscious consumers, but they also work to increase your long-term profits by consciously and strategically improving your vision, increasing your impact and expanding your reach.

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