The Internet’s Hottest Club Is Jack Dorsey’s Block Website

I’ve been thinking about block lately, which is an inconvenient time given the current internet obsession with orbs, but appropriate due to all the six-sided hardware that Square’s rebranding into Block gave it to me.

Indeed, while Jack Dorsey’s finance and blockchain company may not have changed its stock symbol $SQ, it has rolled out an all-new visual treatment for its corporate website and Twitter account. I generally try not to resent anything about corporate branding changes – I think we’re all above that – but something about crystal jelly, rainbow blurs and Tidal Playlist at Hotel Ace is hitting right now. I’m not stuffed with blockchain per se, but I’m stuffed with blocks.

Take a look at Block’s website. You’re first greeted with an ever-rotating cube of jelly (I refuse to call this a “block”). Unlike cubes that might already be in your life, like a pair of dice, or say a cardboard box, Block’s cube already breaks new ground by having a twist in the middle of it. Like someone took the blue raspberry jelly you just made and gave it a little spin. Maybe it communicates something about the flexibility of blockchain technology, but most of all I love watching it spin over and over again.

Please have you thought about this cube? have you really thought about it?To block

The real fun comes when you click play on the embedded Tidal playlist in the top left corner. I think I can count the number of Tidal integrations I’ve seen on the one hand, so I’m not sure this little version of black outline text is standard, but it looks good. The playlist, titled “Block Vibes,” is curated by none other than Jay-Z, yet another reminder of the odd (friendship?) the famed artist and businessman has with Dorsey. Square née Block also owns a majority stake in Tidal, Jay-Z’s pet music streaming service, and the artist sits on Block’s board of directors. The Block website keeps it in the family.

The vibes of Block Vibes? Very cold. It gives me a hip hotel lobby, sipping some kind of cucumber-infused water, with someone talking in my ear about how decentralized the future is. There’s Haitus Kaiyote, MF DOOM, Khruangbin, and Sault in the mix, to name a few. The jelly cube also starts spinning faster once the music plays on the rainbow fades into the background. Call it the world’s most boring visualizer, but it works. And if you click on the arrow in the lower right, links appear to the various companies that Block encompasses, Square, Cash App, Spiral, Tidal and TBD54566975.

The cube aesthetic also extends to the investor relations page. There’s the normal boring stuff, press releases, earnings, etc., but there’s also the governance section. Complicating the “I’m in Miami doing something very unfungible” vibes of the block’s main rebranding, the leadership and board pages skew more body horror. Have you ever wanted to see the face of a former US Treasury Secretary stretched out on a cube? Block makes it possible.

It’s cool ? No. It’s funny ? Yes, I certainly think so. Reminds me of the bubble aliens from the hit Disney Channel original movie Half-sister to Planet Weird? Absolutely, thanks for saying that.

(Fun fact, Tamara Hope, the actor who played the lead alien role in stepsister also played the creepy Palm Pre lady in those Palm Pre commercials, the last good ad campaign ever released.)

All in all, I think Block’s website is a great place to hang out. Come for the cube, stay for the playlist and some fun pics of financial types. I don’t have very positive feelings for blockchain or the metaverse (which will rip me off first remains to be seen) but I will say Dorsey’s rebranding is way cooler than the one Mark Zuckerberg shot with Facebook and Meta. Still a little confusing and embarrassing, but at least there’s a cube that can move.

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