US Air Force files trademark application for “SpaceVerse” initiative

The United States Air Force filed a trademark application hinting at the potential expansion of the military branch into the metaverse.

According to an application filed Thursday with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Department of the Air Force trademarked the word “SpaceVerse,” defined as “a secure digital metaverse that converges physical and digital terrestrial and space realities and provides synthetic and simulated reality (XR) training, testing and operating environments. It is not known if the initiative is related to the US Space Force, which, according to its website, is ” organized under “the Air Force, but operates as a “separate and distinct branch of the armed forces”.

Trademark demand related to activities in the metaverse followed several companies from various businesses, including credit card companies Mastercard and American Express, footwear and apparel maker Nike, and the New York Stock Exchange. The various applications included markings on the use of logos and trademarks in a virtual environment as well as authenticating certain files with non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

Some big brands have launched virtual stores or other environments for users following Facebook’s announcement in October 2021 that the social media giant would be rebranding to Meta. In February, the American bank JPMorgan entered the metaverse by launching a virtual living room in the online world based on the Decentraland blockchain. Samsung also launched a virtual store inspired by a real-world store in New York.

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Of the six branches of the US military – Marines, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force and Space Force – the second half has already announced major initiatives to incorporate blockchain technology or adopt digital assets. In June 2021, Space Force announced that it would release NFT versions of patches and parts designed for the launch of one of its vehicles. The US Navy has also signed a $1.5 million deal with Consensus Networks to develop a blockchain-based logistics system named HealthNet.

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