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MILAN — Valentino’s green and responsible business actions have found a new home, on the company’s website under the name “Creating Shared Value”.

The dedicated consumer page debuting on Tuesday chronicles the fashion house’s green transition, detailing its social and environmental projects and initiatives and engaging in conversation with its customers.

Centered on three pillars – people, planet and product – the new page tackles topics such as craftsmanship, employee value, inclusive work environment, scholarship and mentorship initiatives, manufacturing based on technology, the new luxury conscious concept and more.

The section dedicated to the luxury brand’s environmental progress details its evolution towards a carbon footprint and environmental impact conscious business and manufacturing model.

Alongside the launch of the webpage, the company revealed that it is linking up with Karma Metrix, an Italy-based company that is part of search marketing and artificial intelligence specialist, to expand its engagement. ecological to its website and digital. operations, by assessing its digital sustainability.

This decision reflects Valentino’s commitment to strengthening its digital capabilities. The company recently internalized operations for its US e-commerce site, after taking similar action in Japan earlier this year, with other geographies expected to transition throughout 2022. The move is seen as essential to advancing the brand’s goal of building a customer base. -centered approach.

To mark the launch of the “Creating Shared Value” page, Valentino tapped Edinburgh-born Ainslie Henderson, founder of studio Amphibian Husbandry and former BAFTA award winner, to design a stop-motion video campaign which shows a green organic cotton yarn spun in the Netherlands weaving designs of planet Earth, the brand logo and several people onto a recycled cotton canvas.

“The stop-motion piece I created in response to the three pillars of Valentino [people, planet and product] is made from hand-sewn frames on tiny pieces of recycled organic cotton. Through the movement of the fluid thread that weaves through the images, the piece tries to communicate that everything is connected, that all our actions have consequences and that to overcome the enormous environmental challenges facing the textile industry, a reflection joint is required,” Henderson said.

An image from Valentino’s “Creating Shared Value” video campaign.

Ainslie Henderson / Courtesy of Curate Films

Among its latest actions in favor of sustainable development, Valentino has pledged to stop using fur from 2022 and without alpaca from the spring 2022 season; introduces a vintage project exploiting the resale market and the circular economy of fashion; is committed to working with environmentally friendly viscose suppliers for 70% of its production; unveiled the Open for a Change sneaker for men and women made from recycled elements and joined the Sustainable Aviation Fuel corporate program promoted by Air France and KLM to reduce the carbon footprint of its business travel.

In 2013, the company joined the Greenpeace Detox Solution Commitment as part of a mission to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from its supply chain and signed Zero Deforestation Commitment projects to help protect waterways and communities. tropical forests.

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