Veggie Wagon Launches New Website

Max Sussman, owner of The Veggie Wagon, recently decided it was time to “pull the trigger” and update the brand’s website.

Now, the Veggie Wagon has a fully interactive, rebranded and redeveloped site, a much better version for owners and customers, Sussman said.

“The website hadn’t been touched for twelve years after the company started,” he said. “This new one is light years ahead.”

The pandemic didn’t necessarily bring the new website, but it was a motivating factor. “We were so used to constantly having to pivot during the pandemic. The only time we didn’t pivot was while we slept,” Sussman said. “So rethinking our business model and the needs of our customers has always been at the forefront. It was just a matter of time.”

After realizing the task was too much to do in-house, Sussman turned to Wilmington’s DesignWorksGarage. The website has been updated since its beginnings as a basic e-commerce site, taking about a year to get to where it is today.

“We can now deliver our products nationwide,” Sussman said.

There is also a comprehensive online store with an updated photo gallery. “Everything has been simplified, from design to payment methods,” he said.

Ordering products online is now quick and easy, Sussman said. Choose from eleven categories ranging from baked goods, seasonings, dog bones, and clothing. If something strikes a customer’s imagination the same day or something unexpected happens, select pickup from the Carolina Beach or Masonboro Loop location.

One of the features that Sussman is particularly excited about is the “Retail Partner Locations” section.

No need to worry if there is no physical Veggie Wagon store nearby: just click on “find a location” and the list of retailers selling the company’s products in the area will appear. will display. Options include 16 Wilmington stores alone, or stores as far apart as Whiteville and Raleigh. “Introducing our retail and wholesale partners is very important to us,” Sussman said. “It’s a big part of our business.”

Visit the new website online now.


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