Walmart faces backlash on website sales

  • Walmart is under fire for selling anti-Trump apparel labeled “Impeach 45”.
  • The clothes are made by a third-party seller, Old Glory, and are sold through Walmart Marketplace on the retailer’s website.
  • Walmart was forced to remove controversial items from third-party sellers, including a shirt that encouraged the lynching of journalists, a “Got retard?” mug and a Halloween costume with suicide scars.

Walmart is under fire for selling an anti-Trump shirt – and it’s far from the first time the retailer has faced backlash for items available on its website.

The company is currently facing boycott threats for selling shirts and a jumpsuit with the inscription “Impeach 45”, a call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The garment is manufactured by a third-party seller, Old Glory, and is sold through Walmart Marketplace, the retailer’s website that carries items made by other companies.

Walmart sells millions of items through Marketplace. Although Walmart has certain rules that third-party sellers must follow, this isn’t the first time an offensive or politically charged item has slipped through the cracks and caused backlash.

And Walmart isn’t the only retailer facing similar issues. Amazon and other companies that sell items from third-party retailers are forced to sift through a massive amount of inventory and try to enforce certain standards.

Here are some of the biggest scandals Walmart has faced thanks to third-party sellers on its website:

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