WATCH: Mets website prematurely releases NL championship apparel

Oops, there it was. With the team leading 3-0 in the NLCS, the New York Mets website accidentally and prematurely published an advertisement for a National League pennant and World Series apparel, along with a logo stating that the Mets were “National League Champions”. It was fixed on the site, but not before internet hunters found the error and posted screenshots.

‘The pennant will rise.’ Oh, I’m good? (MLB)

Included: a blue shirt with the phrase “The pennant will rise”, as well as a light colored cap with “World Series” and a “NY” Mets logo on the front panel. Perhaps most premature, the logo calling the team “National Champions League.” Sounds good for the Mets on Wednesday night, but they still have to beat the Chicago Cubs one more time for it to be real. They play at Wrigley Field tonight in Game 4.

Wanting to jump on sales is understandable, given the Mets haven’t won a pennant since 2000, but that’s not the kind of glitch you want to show the world until it’s time. .

And that’s exactly what the Cubs needed: more fodder on the message boards to motivate them against long odds. Only once in the history of a best-of-seven postgame series has a team come back from three games to win. They would probably love nothing more than to return the shirts – which also exist in real life, just tucked away in a closet somewhere – to be useless for marketing purposes.

It’s not the first time a team has made a premature call like this. Even this season. Remember when the Dodgers’ own network called them “NL Champions” when they won the NL West? It didn’t happen in real life either.

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