Western Big Game Hunting Application Deadlines 2022

The most exciting time has come … the nominations season! Photo credit: Brady Miller

The nominations season has officially arrived!

The following is a look very early to the next 2022 Western Hunting Application Deadlines. To note: again like every year, this first version is mostly “tentative” dates at this time. It’s a bit like sport and their too early ranking of college sports teams. Only it is the hunt and more important! This article will be updated very frequently once States publish additional concrete dates. Dates already approved for 2022 are marked as such.

I like to think of this article as a living and breathing document, updates will be added as states release information and I’m always looking for insider’s comments on how they would like to see better. this information presented.

It’s hard to believe the nominating season has arrived and plans are already underway for the 2022 hunting season! Below is an overview of the next application deadlines (approved and provisional), other important tag dates, and provisional draw results dates for each Western state.

New for 2022 in this article

Every year I try to add new features to this article, and this year I added a clear view of the point deadlines (points you need to buy in the main draw and separate points only). Last year you had to filter this information by looking for points, so to make it easier I just dropped a points-only deadline table.

Once again, you can filter out what items you want to see (based on INSIDER’s comments from previous years – I’ve read every comment, so thanks to those who leave comments on any post on goHUNT ).

You can filter the information in the following tables by using the “search bar” in the tables. So if you only want to see Arizona timeframes, you can type Arizona and instantly the table will adjust to show only Arizona information. Likewise, if you only want the table to show the draw deadlines, if you type “draw” it will show you. You can also search for “points” and instantly it will show you states that have a separate deadline for points only after the main draw. And you can search for “leftovers” and it will show you the states with a remaining print run and the dates when you can grab a leftover tag. In addition, you can also search for cash. Basically, anything in the table can be searched and filtered to quickly show what interests you.

  • The first table concerns the application deadlines.
  • The second table is a clear view of one-off deadlines.
  • The third table contains the provisional dates for the results of the draws.

Western big game hunting dates and deadlines for the 2022 season

In the tables below, you will find the approved and tentative 2022 state application deadlines, tentative draw results dates, and point purchase dates. As mentioned earlier in this article, these dates will change as each state releases more information. Currently they are based on deadlines / results from previous years looking at the day of the week they are typically posted or even the exact date on the calendar they tend to follow. And sometimes, unfortunately, there isn’t a template, so I really have to analyze the lead times from the previous year.

Note on the dates of the draw results

Each year, waiting for the results of the draw can seem like forever! And I’m like everyone else who waits for the draw results all year round and then I constantly hit the refresh button. Currently, the draw results dates are somewhat based on the results release date for 2021 and the previous year. Keep in mind that each year we receive questions as to why our draw results dates don’t exactly match what you might find in the rules. For the most part, the results dates for our listed draws are actually more accurate based on trends in how certain states publish their draw odds at the start of each year. Most states tend to publish the results of the draws and often publish them well in advance of the date specified in the regulations. For example, Nevada and New Mexico indicate the date of their draw result in their rules, but they always publish them earlier than that.

INSIDER research tools

Throughout goHUNT INSIDER we have search tools that will help you find the perfect hunt. Whether you are looking for your first hunt in the West or want to see the best way to use your points, INSIDER is your ticket to unlocking the West.

Every search tool on goHUNT will help you find the perfect hunt. When you combine Draw Odds, Filtering 2.0, and goHUNT’s 3D maps … that’s all you need to gain an edge and perform better.

Draw Odds Filtering 2.0 goHUNT Cards – Web 3D

Status Profile Links

If you’re looking for more information about each individual state, be sure to dive into our state and species profiles. Below are links to each state profile.

Alaska Arizona California Colorado Idaho Kansas Montana Nevada New Mexico Oregon Utah Washington Wyoming

Other things to note

You can also see all of the important Western Hunt deadlines on our INSIDER Basecamp page. I will add all of these dates to this page shortly. It’s kind of like your INSIDER “homepage”. You can find a quick link to INSIDER Basecamp in the upper right corner of the screen if you hover over your name on a computer or you can just click the INSIDER button in the header. I keep this page updated with all the latest dates, deadlines and important information from INSIDER.

If you’re new to goHUNT, we publish the INSIDER State-by-State Enforcement Strategy articles three to four weeks before each state’s deadline. We believe this is the perfect amount of time for you to review the new regulations for 2022, unit limit changes, herd mortality information, and tag assignment changes before trying to draw. the label of your dreams. Keep in mind that you can always research your upcoming season using Filtering 2.0, Draw Odds, and goHUNT Maps well before you publish the article on each state’s enforcement strategy. Application season can be very overwhelming and we try to keep it simple with an easy to follow calendar of article publication dates. Some of the articles on enforcement policy are posted in a small window, but this is done to ensure that we are providing the best possible information to our users. Different states are posting their regulations and herd information on tight windows until the application deadline. We therefore strive to publish these articles with all possible information.

Good luck for the next 2022 draws! And as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

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