Why Lululemon launched anti-coal activists

Environmental activists have called out multi-billion-dollar clothing company Lululemon over concerns that pollution from its production practices is incompatible with its ethical branding.

One of the world’s largest, fastest growing and most profitable fitness apparel brands has come under fire for continuing to rely on coal as an energy source despite claims that it is is committed to taking action against the climate crisis.

Lululemon – whose motto ironically is “Be Human, Be Well, and Be Planet” – has long established itself as a pioneering force in the pursuit of more sustainability, largely due to its origins in yoga apparel. .

Beginning as a “community hub” designed to promote mindfulness, it boasts of being deeply connected to others and to the Earth, “every part uplifting each other”.

Yet according to Stand, an organization dedicated to urging businesses and governments to treat people and the environment with respect, that’s definitely not the case.

Because, as an in-depth analysis of Lululemon’s supply chain revealed, nearly half of the energy powering its factories (all located in Asia) comes from burning coal.

Coal is responsible for dangerous levels of air pollution that cause millions of deaths each year.

“They really stand out for having a huge disconnect between what they say they enjoy and what they do,” says Laura Kelly, campaigns manager at Action Speaks Louder.

“Nearly half of the energy that powers lululemon factories comes from coal. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that says it’s more ethical.

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